Feb 27, 2012

1 Week Later...

The puppies are now 1 week old. They have doubled in size and will soon be opening their eyes and walking! We're going to have our hands even more full than they are now when this happens. Unfortunately, due to the trauma of birthing 12 puppies, Tulley was still bleeding heavily through the weekend. After a visit to the vet on Friday, it was determined that we needed to move up her being spayed. We originally weren't going to do it until 4 months after having the puppies, but the heavy bleeding was leaving her open to infection. On Friday, we scheduled the procedure for Tuesday this week, but by Saturday night we were more concerned than before and moved it to today.

I stayed home from work, taking a vacation day to bottle-feed the pups the best I could. Luckily, they don't eat as often so there were only two feedings before Tulley got home this evening. She's definitely not feeling great, turning down dinner but is still drinking. And she's still able to nurse. We're limiting how many puppies can nurse at a time and for how long, which will result in some long nights for us, but we'll do anything for our baby and just want to make sure she and the puppies get through this just fine. Another week and a half and we'll be moving them to food, which means Tulley won't have to suffer too long. I'm sure she'll feel better tomorrow.

And thanks for bearing with me for the lack of posts. I tried to test a cocktail out on Friday but my mind was gone which resulted in a not-so-good drink. It was supposed to have rum in it. I put in tequila on accident instead. The result was a yucky, weird, margarita versus a honey-rum fizz.

Poor Baby
~ Sarah

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