Feb 27, 2012

1 Week Later...

The puppies are now 1 week old. They have doubled in size and will soon be opening their eyes and walking! We're going to have our hands even more full than they are now when this happens. Unfortunately, due to the trauma of birthing 12 puppies, Tulley was still bleeding heavily through the weekend. After a visit to the vet on Friday, it was determined that we needed to move up her being spayed. We originally weren't going to do it until 4 months after having the puppies, but the heavy bleeding was leaving her open to infection. On Friday, we scheduled the procedure for Tuesday this week, but by Saturday night we were more concerned than before and moved it to today.

I stayed home from work, taking a vacation day to bottle-feed the pups the best I could. Luckily, they don't eat as often so there were only two feedings before Tulley got home this evening. She's definitely not feeling great, turning down dinner but is still drinking. And she's still able to nurse. We're limiting how many puppies can nurse at a time and for how long, which will result in some long nights for us, but we'll do anything for our baby and just want to make sure she and the puppies get through this just fine. Another week and a half and we'll be moving them to food, which means Tulley won't have to suffer too long. I'm sure she'll feel better tomorrow.

And thanks for bearing with me for the lack of posts. I tried to test a cocktail out on Friday but my mind was gone which resulted in a not-so-good drink. It was supposed to have rum in it. I put in tequila on accident instead. The result was a yucky, weird, margarita versus a honey-rum fizz.

Poor Baby
~ Sarah

Feb 21, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Puppy Love

Please bear with me, as I cannot garantee that my next few posts will be on time or make any sense. Sleep deprevation will be the culprit. With 12 puppies, Cameron and I need to help supplement their food intake and save Tulley's health. This means bottle feeding them every 2-3 hours for at least the next couple of days. Problem is, they don't like the formula and bottle over mama. Only one or two of the pups get their fill on the bottle. But Tulley's health is at stake so we will do whatever it takes to ensure she's ok.

Cameron took the crew to the vet this morning and all the pups got a clean bill of health, which is remarkable given how many of them there are. They all had their declaws removed as well. Tulley is ok right now but was prescribed more food, including wet to help with hydration and more calcium via 3-4 Tums a day.

To help Tulley relax, I took her away from the pups when I got home, slipping on her "in heat" diaper (since dogs are just like women after they give birth) and had her lay on the family room floor while I was petting her and giving her some much deserved love.

So again, please bear with me while we get through the next week.


Feb 19, 2012

Tulley's Dozen

Thursday night we noticed Tulley was leaking something so for her second night in her whelping box, we took her away from her bed and made her sleep in the area we wanted her to have the puppies in. We also set up London's baby monitor in the garage, just in case. But my best guess was that she'd have the puppies on Saturday or Sunday, mainly because Cameron has plans on each day this weekend that would take him up to Biggs and therefore, be at least an hour drive away.

Well, true to form, after putting London down for a nap Saturday mid-morning, I noticed Tulley's breathing was labored on the monitor. Upon inspection, she was in fact having a contraction. And she'd have one for Lynde. And then nothing. Until about 6 PM. We checked on Tulley off and on all day. For the most part she was just resting and lying down most of the time. Good thing. At 9 PM, over the monitor, after Cameron and I both thought it wasn't going to happen, we heard the first squeak. Sure enough, puppy #1 was born.

Around 12-12:30, Tulley had six pups and was settling in for a snooze. We figured she was done and had expected about 6 based on the ultrasound a few weeks earlier. Around 1:15 AM I was back in to check as one of the pups was squealling a bit more. That's when I discoved 7 pups and we assumed an 8th would show up. A little bit later, sure enough there were 8. Somewhere in there I fell asleep until another squealling woke me up at 3 AM. The count this time? 9! And just as I was about to head back in, #10 was born! She had to be done, right. We slept for the most part from 3 AM to 6:30 AM when Cameron got up to head back to Biggs for Sunday morning. I heard him say something over the monitor, but couldn't make it out. When I got downstairs and into the garage, Cameron said they'd doubled - Tulley now had 12 puppies! And look exhausted.

We felt like we were experiencing a real life 101 Dalmations scenario! Lucky, she was done at 12. Tulley is doing well, and with the help of Lynde, I was able to get the birth-soaked blanket out from underneath them all and get Tulley out to go potty and walk around. After that, mam instinct took over and she laid down to let pups eat. Periodically, I hear littel hunger squeals over the monitor and go in to find the pup in question. I help the pup get to mom. Those finished eating find their way to be under the heat lamps, and currently all 12 are asleep and Tulley is getting some peace. I'm sure she'll feel much better once she gets a shower.

What a roller coaster!


Feb 17, 2012

Cocktail Friday: Deep Blue Ocean

This Week's Cocktail is a little on the sweet side. There is a variation I will by trying soon, but if you're in the mood for something tropical, this is perfect. The recipe was originally called Purple Rain but when I made it last week, it came out more blue, thus the name change.

This is probably because I changed the recipe some as it called for two parts grenadine and no cranberry juice, but that sounded too sweet to me. Also, one recipe equals about one pint but due to the sweetness you may choose to split it into two, and thus only need to make the recipe once to serve two - just use a boiler glass instead of a pint glass.

Also, when I added more lime juice, the less sweet, and better it tasted to me.

And now, the recipe:

Deep Blue Ocean

1 part Vodka
2 parts Blue Curacao
1 part grenadine
1 part cranberry juice
2 parts pineapple juice
A Dash of Lime Juice
Lime Wedge for Garnish

Mix all ingredients over ice in a shaker. Pour over ice in a glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

Serves 1-2

Feb 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Stuck in a Ditch

Not too much to report from our weekend. London was home sick Friday from Daycare, so I was home too. Her not feeling well led to several sleepless nights. Saturday found us in Chico – I had a hair appointment and Cameron had to help take down the blind from this hunting’s lackluster hunting season so London spent the day with her Grammy.

Cameron did have me thinking he was dead in a ditch somewhere later that day, when I hadn’t heard from him nor had I been able to get a hold of him for 1 ½ hours past the time we had planned to meet back up after said activities. I think he understood I was upset out of concern & love when I explained why I was so upset. Hopefully he remembers this and gets better at communicating the next time something like this happens.

By Saturday night, we were both so exhausted we couldn’t make it through half of Transformers. And then proceeded to wake up Sunday feeling like we hadn’t gotten any sleep thanks to London’s crying throughout the night.

Not that we didn’t have anything to do on Sunday. With puppies about a week and a half away, we were under the gun to get the garage picked up and the whelping box built. Cameron powered through and did succeed in picking up and re-organizing the garage and even got half the whelping box build and planted the rest of my daffodil bulbs in some spare planters we had lying around. We should have some blooms soon!

By Monday night, Cameron had the box finished thanks to some help from Matt. That is, it was done minus some cut-outs for Tulley to walk in and out of it and a heat source for her and the pups. Cameron completed that last night, and Tulley spent her first night away from us - I think she was really happy to see me this morning, too. She forgot to eat!

Nothing exciting for this weekend either. I’ve got a girls night planned with Lynde to see The Vow on Thursday and Cameron & I have dinner plans with some ToughMudder friends on Friday. Cameron is probably heading up to Reno this weekend to get his mounted Buck head. And London and I will stay at home to keep Tulley company. The puppies are so close we don’t want to be away for long periods of time at all. With it being a long weekend, I’ll probably continue January’s deep cleaning resolution and I may try to start taping off a wall for another painting project.

~ Sarah

Wordless Wednesdays

Feb 14, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Happy Valentine's Day!

With it being Valentine’s Day I wanted to make sure this Toddler Tuesday post was in line with the holiday. And so London and I set out last week to make Valentine’s Day cards for her Grandparents and Daddy. While the gifts haven’t been received yet (the cards are in the mail) Cameron watched this process unfold so he won’t be too surprised when I get London to hand him his card from her tonight and the grandparents who read this will have something to look forward to in the mail soon.

I first started out looking for cute sayings online that could be written inside each card. For the Grandparents, I found:

Blowing Kisses Your Way this Valentine’s Day

This saying instantly made me think of Xs and Os and thus the idea behind the card design was born. London loves tearing things up, particularly magazine pages, so I gathered up some spare tissue paper I had lying around that were appropriate in color – pink and purple. I also added in a sheet of yellow as it added a little something extra to the color combination. And then I let London go crazy:

Once we had shredded the tissue paper into small pieces, I sat London down at the table with a piece of printer paper, the tissue, Elmer’s Glue and a painting sponge. I started her off with the glue and showed her how to use the sponge with glue on it to glue down the tissue.

This lasted for about 10 minutes before she decided she wanted to eat the glue off the sponge. Good thing for non-toxic glue!

I finished up for London by getting the tissue paper even more glued down and adding the Xs and Os. I just took the two fridge magnets and traced them onto a few sheets of spare scrapbooking paper.
After cutting each letter out, I glued them to the tissue paper sheet and cut that sheet into 4 card fronts.

Using two sheets of spare blue scrapbook paper, cut in half and folded in half again, I glued a piece of the tissue paper sheet to each. And that made up the card. Then I put in my amended saying:

Blowing Kisses (and Hugs) Your Way this Valentine’s Day. Love, London.

So yes, I did a lot of the work, but London was involved in the fun parts and as she gets older she will be able to do more and more herself. I did try to get her to draw on some white paper in purple, pink and yellow crayons one day to include on the inside, but she wasn’t feeling very artistic at the time and was more interested in re-arranging her Disney DVDs. In the end, London had a blast ripping up the tissue paper and gluing it down and the grandparents (and Daddy) get a little something from her today (or tomorrow).


Feb 13, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Too Much Moo

We have a battle raging in our house right now. A battle of wills. Cameron and I versus London. The litte girl wasn't feeling well Thursday night and by Friday morning was suffering from a fever. She refused to eat much and only wanted her moo (read: milk - in our house its called moo because that's what London calls it). By the end of the day, we'd realized she'd barely eaten but had probably drank half a gallon of moo. At first we assumed she wanted to drink more because her throat hurt like ours had last week, but by the end of the day it was just too much even for a sore throat.

Saturday we couldn't do too much about this as we had plans that involved London spending most of the day with her Grammy who did try to feed her. The report back was that much of any food offered ended up on the floor. Which meant we spent yesterday battling with London. We would only give her moo after a meal or before a nap or bed. And we succeeded, for the most part, but it made for a very looooong, whiny day. We were exhausted by the time we crawled into bed last night.

Of course, that's when London woke up. And proceeded to whine and whine. First, I went in to rock her. As soon as I closed the door she was crying again. And we tried to let her soothe herself. But Cameron couldn't resist any longer when we heard London cry "Mommy, Daddy". How could he not? This is a child who usually says Mama and Dada - not the words mommy and daddy. And she is soooo cute the way she placed emphasis on the mee and dee parts. So he rocked her. London lasted 10 minutes after Cameron came back to bed. So finally I hoofed it downstairs and filled a sippy 1/3 full of moo. And that was all she needed. Slept like a baby the rest of the night.

Cameron and I hatched a new plan of attack for our moo war as we fell asleep. First, we need to invest in some new sippy cups that have straws versus the sipping function - its too close to the bottle which London definitely used as a soothing mechism. And hopefully we can get her to consume water more often this way. I'll even offer her a little juice. Although so far she isn't a fan of juices (we know this is a blessing).

But any suggestions out there we might be able to steal on getting her to eat more and drink less moo? I know it's a weird problem to have but it's one we are faced with currently.


Feb 10, 2012

Cocktail Friday: Blueberry Lemonade Vokda

Happy Friday! Here's what you need to get for this recipe. FYI - there is a little prep.

1 cup Fresh Blueberries
1/2 cup frozen blueberries

The night before you want this drink, you'll need to make the blueberry-infused vodka. Get a jar, place the fresh blueberries in it, and then pour vodka over them. Mash up the blueberries a little, then close the jar and place it in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

Now, when you want the drink:

Sugar the rim of a pint glass. Then roll the frozen berries in sugar. Place the berries and some ice in the glass. Strain 1 part blueberry vodka with 2 parts lemonade into the glass and stir.

I used a lemonade spritzer when I made this one instead of straight lemonade. It wasn't overly sweet, which I think made this drink better. All in all, it was a very refreshing drink and perfect for the warm summer months ahead of us.



Feb 9, 2012

Tulley Pregnancy Photos

As mentioned, Tulley is getting bigger day by day. Thought I'd share some pictures with you.


Feb 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Super Bowl Weekend

Sorry for the long post, but it was a crazy busy weekend for us with a lot going on and I just can’t find a good place to split it up

Super Bowl Weekend started a little early for me and not in a good way. Both Monday and Tuesday nights last week we were kept up a couple of hours each night by a coughing little girl. My rule with coughs when it comes to seeking out the doctor is that it has lasted 3 or more weeks or is keeping us up at night (great advice taken from my dad!). Two nights up = a trip to see the doc. I left work early on Wednesday to take London in. And as usual she was prescribed some antibiotics and this time he suggested we start her on Children’s Liquid Claritin since her symptoms presented more like allergies.

What I haven’t mentioned is that starting Tuesday, Cameron and I both admitted to having scratchy throats ourselves. Usually a scratchy throat just passed us over without much fuss, minus a lot of water drinking. Not this time. By Wednesday evening I was more than just under the weather. I woke up Thursday with a burning throat and proceeded to spend all day Thursday and Friday morning in bed. This meant no cleaning was accomplished before the busy weekend started, making it even busier.

At least I had the sense to cancel my Friday night plans with some girl friends. Cameron was lucky he had 4-hour trainings in the middle of the day on Wednesday and Thursday so he could stay home and not miss work at the same time. He was one day ahead of me in the symptoms and yucky feelings. Luckily, London was fine besides the cough and clear runny nose so she was at day care, which meant all I had to do was sleep and take care of myself.

But of course, Friday night came too quickly thanks to my state of unconsciousness. And we were hosting Super Bowl at our house on Sunday. By Friday night the count of people coming was at 28, 31 counting us. That meant we needed to get our loft in shape to have a second TV set up. The plan was to have kids and those not all that interested in watching the game downstairs chatting and playing, and those that really wanted to see the game upstairs.

Did I mention Friday afternoon Cameron and I headed to Costco to purchase a second TV for this event? He’s been saving and wanting to buy this new TV for years now, but whenever the time came to purchase it, he’d talk himself out of it. Cameron would always say there really wasn’t a need for it yet. 31 people at our house for a major TV event? Timefor the new TV.
We set up the new, bigger TV downstairs and moved our old one upstairs. We then proceeded to re-arrange the loft area. Cameron even helped me hang the shelf in the laundry room so that project is almost complete. The problem was, we didn’t have much energy for anything else, like cleaning.

Saturday I had plans in Yuba City to attend a baby shower, that I had also been asked to help set up for. I left earlier than necessary to stop in at Costco to get the drinks I was providing for the shower (and then taking home the leftovers for use during the party the next day), grab some flowers to help decorate for the shower and then stop in at California Family Fitness in Fair Oaks to pick up my race packet for the Super Bowl Sunday 10K I had signed up for but now wasn’t planning on running given my current state of health – I just wanted to get the shirt that I’d paid for since it was a nice, weather-wicking one.

Costco was a breeze since it was early enough in the day. California Fitness, not so much. First I had to sign in to get into the building since I wasn’t a member. Than, the organizer’s weren’t prepared for all the people – they had two people working to hand out bibs and shirts and at 12:05 (5 minutes after they offered early packet pick-up) they had 50-plus people lined up waiting. After standing in line for 15 minutes and only moving up 3 people in line, I had to leave or I wouldn’t make it to the shower in time. Which meant, in order to get my shirt that I’d paid for, I’d need to run in the race the next day!

The shower was wonderful. Mama Nicole got some adorable outfits for her and Aaron’s pending arrival. They’re expecting a little boy and it became quite apparent that the current trend in little boy’s clothes is Monkeys. I’d say 75% of the clothes she got had Monkeys on them. And surprisingly it was also a quick shower. Before I knew it I was on my way home, but not before I’d invited more people to the party on Sunday – I’d run into a wife of one of Cameron’s fraternity brothers who doesn’t live too far away. She said she’d get back to me the next morning.

As soon as I got home I pulling up my sleeves to get to cleaning. I don’t think I have ever cleaned as thoroughly or quickly as I did that evening. By the time I went to bed, I only had a few things to do in the kitchen and to vacuum the stairs. It did help when Cameron began to pitch in, taking over the majority of the vacuuming and straightening up London’s toys in the front room.
And I’m glad I ran the 10K Sunday morning. I was feeling much better and the run felt really good. Cameron was amazed I was home as soon as I was – it only took me an hour and 12 minutes to run the 6.2 miles (possibly a personal best).

But, as soon as I got home we were back to cleaning and setting up for the party. For the first time in a long time, all the cleaning I had wanted to accomplish was complete and I was cleaning up with even my hair done and down when the first guests arrived around 1:15. By the end of the 1st Quarter everyone had arrived and we had 35 people in our house. Thank goodness for the upstairs set up or we would have been crammed downstairs.

Also, with the weather as beautiful as it was, we were able to push the kids out into the backyard until it got dark. The spring-like weather also meant that we could open the windows and keep the AC off. You can imagine how warm it was getting between all the bodies and energy, as well as the oven going for half the game warming up various dishes brought by everyone. We had quite the smorgasbord of chips, dips, poppers, nachos and more.

I didn’t actually watch any of the game, which was fine by me. I did miss all the commercials which I usually enjoy, but I was having too much fun catching up with everyone. At the end of the day, Cameron and I realized that every one that had come was related to one of his fraternity brothers – in all 11 of Cameron’s fraternity brothers were in attendance. That’s more than the number that attended our wedding! After everyone left (the last around 9 PM, I think) Cameron, London and I all called it a night.

We’ve been spending out evenings this week picking up in the aftermath. Not that it’s that bad – I always like to have the house clean before a party because it seems that much easier to pick up and clean afterward. We’re just tired so we do a little each night.

But now we need to turn our focus onto Tulley and her pending delivery, which will involve picking up the garage and constructing a whelping box. The poor girl is getting bigger by the day and looks miserable most of the time. She’s really not going to like it when she has to start sleeping in the garage. At the same time it’s amazing she’s still able to jump onto our bed at night. More pictures are coming.


Wordless Wednesday

Feb 7, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Using Time Outs as a Form of Discipline

Sorry for the lack of Cocktail Hour Friday and Motherhood Monday posts – you’ll understand after I get my weekend wrap-up posted, soon. But on to Toddler Tuesday.

We didn’t have any Toddler activities planned for this weekend mainly because we knew we were going to be too busy (at least I was) but one not-so-desirable behavior kept rearing its ugly head for us throughout it. Basically, London has suddenly taken up using our pets as targets when practicing her aim when she is so inclined to throw a toy. She tagged Tulley in the head on Saturday with her keyboard and Jake in the head on Sunday with her teapot!

And in our house, we’ve found the best form of discipline to get our message grounded into London’s head that her current behavior is not ok is with a “time out”. We actually had to start using time outs earlier than I ever expected we would need to. I can’t remember exactly how old London was when we started using them, but I know it was soon after she was able to walk around 10 months old, and therefore, more able to test the limits.

Time outs have been particularly helpful in stopping London from climbing, and possibly falling and splitting something open – like her head on our coffee table. We used to give her the 1-2-3 count down to a time out as a warning that she was very close to a time out. This warning system quickly lost its effect. Now we only give one verbal warning of “London don’t..” or “London stop…” and then go straight to the time out. And in reality, the time out is what is effective, not the warning. But at least we’re trying to correct the behavior verbally before a time out is necessary.

Time outs have also helped curb bad behavior at daycare – once they told us about the climbing issue they were having with London there we told them how time outs at home had stopped her from climbing at home for the most part. Yes we deal with it occasionally but not like we were.

Of course then I read an article today about why one lady, who also is a psychotherapist for a group that caters to children and adolescents, does not believe in time outs. She gives 5 reasons why time outs are not an effective form of discipline. You can read the full article here if you’re interested.
Her first reason is because brain connections are formed from repetitive experiences and she doesn’t want her kids repeated experiences to be ones of isolation. Except isn’t that how society functions? You commit a crime and you’re isolated from the public for a specific amount of time if the offense warrants it? Even children will avoid other children who hit or bite them. We only are friends with people we enjoy.

Reason #2: The point of a time out is for the child to calm down and reflect on what they did wrong – except they often just get angrier and think how mean mom or dad is instead. Yes, one reason we use time outs is to get London to calm down. And I don’t expect her to reflect all that much (she’s only 20 months old) – but I do want the cause and effect to be enforced. Treating our pets unkindly has consequences. For London, sitting still and not playing is a consequence. And yes, I do remember getting mad at my mom or dad when they placed me in time out when I was little. But they would then sit down with me after the time out to discuss why I was placed in it in the first place. We do this with London, too.

After the Jake incident Sunday, Cameron got on the ground next to her and explained that what she did was bad, that she needs to be nice and gentle with the animals. Then he gave her a hug to end the time out. And guess what, she was calm when he was speaking to her because we waited for her to throw the tantrum of being in time out. After the time out she went back to playing and we haven’t had another incident since. I know there will be more but hopefully not two in two days.

This doctor listed reason 3 along the lines that the punishment should fit the crime. A time out doesn’t fit the crime in her mind. One of her examples of how they would is if the child hits the TV with the broom, then the broom gets put away. How do you suggest then that I punish my child after she hits the dog with the keyboard – hit her in the head with the keyboard? Yes, the keyboard was taken away, but obviously it wasn’t the keyboard causing the behavior – as noted with the teapot the next day. Yes, if she uses her chalk to color anything other than the chalkboard the chalk goes away for a few days. But she can use any toy to pelt the dog – better to take her away from the toys until she calms down than take all the toys away from her. And yes, we remove the animals if they want to be removed, but we’re also not going to remove them and make them feel isolated from the family after being pelted.

Reason #4 was pretty close to reason #3 – parents use time out to punish, not calm the child and educate the child. She feels parents don’t teach after the time out enough to make it effective at changing the behavior. Our aim for time outs is to punish yes, and also teach. And based on our results, I’d say its working.

Last, the psychotherapist feels that kids need connection and that misbehavior is the result of a child inappropriately expressing a need or a big feeling they cannot express, like not understanding why their favorite juice is not available to them when they want it and not being able to gracefully request that mom add it to her grocery list. Really? Yes, London acts up when she doesn’t get her wish or way exactly when she wants it. We go through this every night at dinner when she wants to eat at that very moment and not understanding that it takes mom and dad a little time to make it. We do what we can to distract her while we prepare her meal and offer her snacks and milk while she waits. But sometimes we just have to let her throw a tantrum on the floor until her dinner is ready. I would never put her in timeout for that.

I know as London grows up time outs will be phased out as she can understand more and more. Punishments will more and more fit in line with the crime, but for now, time outs are working. And I know a day will come when time outs will no longer be effective but by then we’ll have other options and probably not need to use them any way.

What do you think about time outs? How would you discipline a 20-month old? How long do you think time outs should be for a 1 year old?

~ Sarah

Feb 1, 2012

We’re Expecting…PUPPIES!

The Mama-to-be!

I’ve been dropping little hints about this exciting news for a while now – Cameron going hunting without Tulley and a trip to Reno by Cameron without any explanation to name a few. Or the fact that she’s been sleeping like a log lately. But we didn’t want to say anything until the doctor officially confirmed it for us, which happened Saturday. We even got to see 3 puppies on the Ultrasound, and that was only on one side, so we’re probably looking at 5 to 8 puppies, with most likely 6 coming our way.

Tulley is due around February 22, give or take 3 days on either side (or so we’ve been told). She’s getting huge too. Every morning she looks bigger than she was the day before. And she probably is. She’s gained 15 lbs in two months even with not eating for 4 days!

We are completely excited and have quite a bit of work to do to get ready for the puppies’ arrival. This includes cleaning up our garage and creating Tulley’s nest so she can get used to sleeping in there at night and get comfortable with it so she’ll want to give birth there. Our fear is that she decides our bed is the place for this, but the plan is that when we are not at home and at night near the due date, she will be in her “nest”. Not sure how she’s going to take the change since she’s been sleeping between us since she was just a pup herself.
Just look at that belly!
I’m also a bit more nervous about her labor and delivery than my own. Our doctor said there shouldn’t be an issue – more than anything we’ll just wake up to puppies, but he also told us what to look for should we be around for the event and when we should consider going to the vet. Lucky for us, our vet is part of the VCA Emergency Clinic so we know exactly where to go at any time of the day.

We are also quite pleased that there is so much interest in Tulley’s puppies. I don’t think we’ll have much of an issue selling them off – even our vet told a patient about her possible pregnancy, what a good looking and well behaved dog she is and that patient is interested if there are any we are looking for homes for. Time will tell, but we definitely would like to be able to find homes through word of mouth rather than place an ad.

We know anyone that is referred to us will provide a loving home for our baby’s babies. Yes, you heard that right. Tulley is our baby just as much as London is. Then again, all our animals are our other babies, but there is something special between Tulley and me.


Wordless Wednesdays