Jan 16, 2012

You know you’ve done too much cleaning in one day when…

Sorry for the delay. I promise my Resolutions for 2012 are coming. The post is written. I was just waiting to get a few pictures of our bedroom looking all adult and pretty. The thing is, this needed to be done with sunlight coming in (at least in my mind this is when it needed to be done). I want to try and take alright pictures for this blog.

The problem was, I couldn’t take such a picture all week. The sun isn’t up, nor Cameron out of bed, when London and I head out at 6:45 AM and the sun is almost completely set by the time we get home at 5 PM thanks to these short winter days. I'm more interested in using my last few minutes of daylight to get a 30-minute run in versus try for a half-ass picture. I was able to take the pictures Saturday, but then got caught up in a cleaning frenzy Saturday morning and most of Sunday.

Saturday was a mad dash to get downstairs in order with friends coming over at noon to watch the 49ers game. We were a loud, rowdy bunch as the 49ers were winning, losing, winning, losing and finally winning the game! The loud hoots and hollers took a number on London at first – she’d been down for a nap when the game started and was not expecting the scene before her when she woke up. She was pretty clingy until Cameron showed her that when we got loud, she should to, along with clapping and saying yay! She had this down by the end of the game.

Jeremy & Alyssa were some of the friends to join us that day, including their 4-month-old son Brayden. Alyssa and Brayden came near the end, after a visit to the Bay Area that morning, which was when the game got real exciting and nerve-racking. Poor Brayden. Our howling definitely scared the beegeesus out of him with all the back and forth scoring. Being in his dad's arms at the time probably didn't help as Jeremy was one of the loudest in the bunch.

But it was on Sunday when I literally over cleaned, past my mental capacity. Cameron took London up to his mom’s in the afternoon since the daycare was closed today in observance of MLK Jr. day. Not so for Cameron and me, as we had to work. The alone time in the house allowed me some free time to crank up the music and tackle the loft. Cameron was also taking our old dresser and nightstands up to his sister’s, so those had been cleared out of my path.

I’m happy to report there is no longer a pile of Christmas Tree needles in the middle of the loft! But I also got so consumed in the cleaning that the last load of laundry I meant to do didn’t actually happen. I’d called it a day in cleaning but still had a little laundry to do. I started the load and went back to my glass of wine and London’s stocking while laying on the bed and watching last week’s episode of Parenthood. Probably 20 minutes later it suddenly occurred to me that I may not have actually put the blankets in the washer.

When I mentioned this to Cameron, it dawned on him that he hadn’t see me do this either – he’d watched me put the laundry detergent in and we’d discussed the cleaning that needs to be had in our laundry room, but nope, no recollection of blankets actually going in to the washer.

Upon further inspection, by Cameron, he confirmed my goof. I was already bowled over in a laughing fit, tears streaming down my face. Oh well, I guess that’s a true sign you’ve cleaned yourself out! The blankets made it into the wash tonight. And that 2012 Resolutions Part 2 post is on its way!


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