Jan 31, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Spring Cleaning

Read on to learn how this played a role in our weekend
 This weekend was one of those weekends you just didn’t want to end. It was also a very productive weekend in the spring cleaning realm enjoyed with spring-like weather. The productivity started Friday night. Not only did we get new tires on the truck, but we also stopped in at Safeway and picked up all our needs to have healthy meals all this week as well as stopped in at Home Depot to pick up all the supplies I needed to re-organize the laundry room – my weekend project.

We were all up early Saturday, and by 10 AM Cameron was on his way out to the Drop Zone to get a few jumps in, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Back at home, London helped me as I got a good deep clean started on the kitchen. Her idea of cleaning was taking my old dish towels and covering and uncovering Tulley’s hunting bowl. But this kept her entertained for a good hour, which meant I could get a lot done without her trying to help more. We had the TV music channels on while we were cleaning and had a few impromptu dance parties along the way.

From there we headed up to the loft, which we re-arranged in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, which we are hosting. She did help a little too much when I was trying to get our massive DVD collection re-organized. I have the section alphabetized to make it easy for finding and putting DVDs back. London took over one of the S sections and re-organized it several times in her own way. Luckily, I finally won the battle and got it back to the way I wanted it. I can’t say the same for her Disney collection, but it’s not nearly as massive, at least not yet : ).

After London went down for a nap, which she finally requested, I began work on the laundry room. It was quite a task and one I didn’t finish completely – I still need Cameron’s help on getting a new shelf up on the wall and then I need to mop the floor. But the progress was huge, enough that I didn’t dread going in there on Sunday to get almost all of my laundry completed – time stood in the way of that. I’ll post more about this Laundry clean-up and re-org later this week when all is complete.

Saturday also included a trip to the vet for Tulley at 4:30, which London, Cameron and I attended. More on that to come this week too. ON our way home, Cameron mentioned that he wished we had been more proactive and gotten a babysitter for the night so we could attend Roseville’s 20-30 club’s crab feed. Well, within minutes of getting home, and the mail, Cameron had secured us a babysitter – Lauren was more than up for having London’s company for the evening. With that, we were scrambling to change, pack for London and get out the door, since the feed started at 7 PM. I ended up doing my hair and makeup in the car. But we got there in time to enjoy the cocktail hour for about a ½ hour before food was served and caught up with all our friends that were attending. And London had a grand time with Lauren, wearing herself completely out. She barely flinched when we picked her up around 10:30 – she was so cute passed out on Lauren’s couch.

Sunday brought more lovely weather. After a run to Costco mid-morning, London decided she was still warn out from the night and day before, so she went down for a nap early. Cameron and I thought we’d join her, but that lasted about 5 minutes. We decided we weren’t that tired and headed outside to tackle the massive weed problem that has grown up over the winter. And after being outside in the fresh air for an hour, it just wasn’t enough, so we threw open all the windows when we went back inside to tackle some cooking. See, Cameron had made turkey and dumplings Thursday, which then turned into Turkey stew Friday night. We still had a ton left over so we decided to make Turkey pot pies with the rest – make one for Sunday night dinner and freeze one. Well, after I made the crusts and we filled the pie dishes, we discovered we still had a ton left over, so both pies got frozen and we had the Turkey stew and biscuits for dinner instead. We still had enough for Cameron to finish off at lunch on Monday!

But making pie crusts and prepping my lunch for the week wasn’t enough. I also prepped the zucchini lasgna Cameron has been asking for. It’s a bit time intensive, so its definitely a weekend meal – or a meal to prep. With the prep on Sunday, all I have to do is throw it in the oven one night this week and wait. I’ll even be able to get a run in without worrying about it.

But overall, Sunday was a day where we all were together enjoying each other's company while getting things done around the house and yard. And that's what made it such a great weekend. Time together. We have a lot to get done this week and in the coming weeks and next weekend is pretty much out in getting anything done, given I have a girls night scheduled for Friday night, Saturday I have a baby shower I am so looking forward to, and then Sunday morning before the Super Bowl Party I'm running a 10K! Bring it on!
And out Zucchini Lasagna ready for a week night appearance

One Pot Pie all tucked in and ready for the freezer

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