Jan 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: January 21-22

Winter has finally decided to show up here - and with a vengeance. Which meant my plans to have a “How Martha Were You” weekend were derailed. “How Martha Were You” is a contest played every Monday morning by the DJs of Morning Living on Martha Stewart Radio on SiriusXM. Every Monday they invite listeners to call in and “brag” about all they accomplished that weekend.

On my list this weekend:
  • Clean & Re-organize the Pantry
  • Clean & Re-organize the Laundry Room
  • Personalize Dog Bowls
  • Incorporate Dirty Laundry Baskets into Closet
  • Run 6-miles
  • Rainy Day Fishing with London
  • Make Zucchini Lasagna from Skinnytaste.com  
I knew this was a big a list, full of some time-consuming tasks. But I’d planned on getting a jump start on the pantry Friday night after London went to bed. With the weather conditions the way they were, Cameron had headed up to Biggs Friday night for an evening hunt as well as a Saturday morning hunt. Had it not been for the 49er game Sunday night, he would have made a weekend of it. 
This is what happens when the pantry gets out of control - items make their way onto the counters and never get put away
And like clock-work, London was asking to go “nite-nite” right around 7 PM. After putting her to bed, I got started on the dog bowls as this was something I wanted to get done before I fed them. But shortly after I came back downstairs, and was just barely started on cutting out Melody’s stickers, Cameron called asking to skype with his little girl. I said I’d check to see if she had fallen asleep yet, as she had cried for a little bit but it was quiet now.

The second I turned the door knob to sneak in, she was up in a flash, arms out, asking to be rescued. And after our short skype session in which she was more interested in her farm animals puzzle, she showed no signs of being tired. On Fridays I don’t mind letting her stay up a little late, to encourage sleeping in on Saturday morning, but by 10 PM I had to force her to bed – so I could go to bed! At least I got the dog bowls done.

Unfortunately, for me the worst of the weather was still to come that night. Sleep was difficult between midnight and 2 AM as the wind and rain pelted our house. With our house backed up to an open field we don’t have anything blocking or shielding us from the elements. Add in the fact that the master bedroom is located at the back of the house, you can imagine we hear it all. Even Tulley got a bit restless from the weather outside – amazing for a dog that has been sleeping like a rock for the last month. London woke up around 6:30 AM, but I wasn’t budging and by 7 AM, she was back to sleep. I made it until about 9 AM when my own internal clock made me get up. London would make it to 10.
My little helper and the state of the pantry before I began. The only space you see is so the door could close!

I did begin to tackle the pantry, when London allowed me to without shutting me out or getting too involved with the clean-up herself – you can image how unhelpful a 1 ½ year old can be with cleaning. The weather had calmed down by morning – the sun was even shining here and there, which meant a quiet naptime for us both.

Jake loves pantry cleaning day - plenty of boxes for him to test out and lounge in.
Unfortunately, my nap was interrupted with a call from Cameron saying he was on his way home. I tried to go back to sleep but it was no use. But I also didn’t have the energy to get back to the pantry – I spent the rest of the day dealing with what I call a sleep-depo headache. A shower woke me up just enough to have dinner out for yummy Mexican with Lynde and Matt. We got home not too long past London’s 7 PM bedtime, and soon Cameron and I were both curled up in bed watching a new DVD from comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham (Controlled Chaos). I was in and out throughout the entire DVD – mostly waking up when Cameron was laughing too hard, and was definitely out for the night before 10PM.

Sunday brought more clouds, wind and rain. Luckily, not before I was able to sneak in my 6-mile run. Around mile 1, it began to sprinkle and I thought about turning around. But it wasn’t heavy so I made myself a deal to make it to mile 2 before I would turn around. I’m glad I made this deal, as the rain had subsided when the mile 2 marker rolled around and I was able to make it the full 6 miles without any more rain. About 10 minutes after I got home, the clouds opened up and let loose.

I also successfully completed the pantry clean-up before we headed over to watch the 49ers game at Matt & Lynde’s around 3 PM – I even got a little nap in and London’s activity for the weekend!
All Clean. We can actually walk in again!
Now, as you look at my list above, you may see 7 items for a weekend, when I promised myself only 6. The dog bowls weren’t part of the weekend list – they were one of two items on my Friday list, so I did in fact stick to my resolution. And while I only crossed half my tasks off my list and felt like I didn’t get that much accomplished by Sunday night, looking back on it, I actually did ok. Not a Martha weekend for the record books, but a satisfying one.

So how was your weekend? How Martha were you?


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