Jan 24, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Rainy Day Fishing

I plan to focus my Toddler Tuesday posts on activities I do with London and how well (or not) they work out. Having her in daycare, I sometimes feel London gets bored at home on the weekends, as we aren’t always the greatest at keeping things interesting and entertaining. I’d bought a couple books on Amazon a few months ago to remedy this issue, but have only cracked open one, once! Now with the holidays behind me, and now that I am actually caught up on my magazines (I’m actually going to start reading February magazines at the beginning of February!), I’m going to begin to peruse these books and come up with one activity for London and I to do each weekend.

Lucky for me, I saw this great idea on Pinterest  last week. so I had an activity ready for this past weekend. Basically, you use a magnet at the end of a kid’s fishing pole to “fish” out those famous refrigerator ABCs and 123s. We recently purchased these refrigerator magnets so I had those on hand. I thought we had a dowel at home that I could craft into a fishing pole instead running out to Home Depot to buy one or purchasing an actual kid fishing pole.

Nope. But I did have a large wooden paint stirring stick and a small wire frame hook that I could screw into it. Add a little string and I had a "fishing pole". Unfortunately, the only spare magnet I had on hand was in the shape of a circle. I did my best to wrap it up well, attached it to the "pole" and filled the tub with water and the refrigerator magnets.

I brought London up and after showing her what to do, watched her go at it! This girl could have a future hobby in fly fishing the way she was whipping the magnet back and forth on the pole.

By the way, every time my bathtub is filled with water both Tulley and Jake come running, and this time was no exception. I’m not sure Jake will be so quick to come next time, though. London clocked him with the magnet a few times.

And while London never actually caught a "fish", she had a grand time - even after the magnet fell off the string (about 5 minutes in!). We spent the next 15 minutes taking the refrigerator magnets out of the tub and putting them into her beach bucket and then pouring them all back into the tub and repeating the process. While it wasn’t a long activity, London did seem to enjoy the attempt and change in routine.

I’ll definitely try it again with her, making sure to pick up a more suitable magnet and a dowel the next time we are at Home Depot. I’d also make the “fishing line” a bit shorter now that I know she likes to “cast” a lot!

My Home Depot Shopping List:

Wooden Dowel

Another Frame Hook

A new magnet (I'll probably break out the glue gun too, to adhere it to the string)

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