Jan 31, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Discovery Bottles

This weekend’s Toddler Activity I found in one of my books – yes I cracked one open, even if for only a ½ hr. I found some great ideas and went with one that I had the most supplies for around the house already. I actually didn’t buy a thing to make these “Discovery” bottles. Basically, you take plastic bottles and fill them up with various supplies and liquid that your child can then watch interact or not interact with in the bottle as you shake it or tip it upside down.

I only made two, though the book suggested 5 different discovery bottles. I did two because I only had two bottles on hand (aka, pepsi and water bottles in the backseat of Cameron’s car). The first I filled with 3/4ths of the way full of water and dyed the water blue with food coloring. Then I filled the rest of the bottle with cooking oil. The last key is to glue the top on so that your toddler can’t open the bottle when handling.

The second bottle I first filled with some crafting gems I have on hand – I have so many I wasn’t going to miss any. Then I poured in some red and gold glitter I had left over from making our wedding invitations 3 years ago! After filling the bottle up with water, again I glued the cap to the bottle. Can you imagine that mess all over your floor?

Voila, London’s activity made for the weekend. The book suggested this activity for young toddlers. And I figured it might help keep her busy while I cleaned. On Saturday, while I was trying to clean the kitchen, I offered the bottles up to London. What was in the bottles and how they moved around in the water didn’t faze her one inkling! Don’t get me wrong, she loved shaking them but was never once curious about what was on the inside. I think Cameron and I had more fun with the oil and water one than she did. And after sealing it, and playing with it some, I realized it needed more oil in it any way.

So this activity basically bombed big time in the toddler activity department. Oh well. Maybe when she’s older and is able to communicate what she is seeing it will be better.

The weekend wasn’t at a total loss. London loves helping me clean and kept herself occupied for moments at a time covering and covering a dog bowl, as well as helping me arrange DVDs. What can I say, I’m training her young to help clean up.

Case in point - London was given a case of small Disney books for Christmas by Cameron’s grandparents. Besides flipping through the books to look at the pictures, one of her favorite things to do it put them back in their case! The child still makes a mess, but is on her way to being able to pick it up herself as well.

London was also in a dancing mood this weekend so we had several impromptu dance sessions in between all the cleaning. London had fun as did I, all while getting what we needed to accomplish, done.


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