Jan 16, 2012

Resolutions – Part 2

At last! My 2012 Resolutions. At first I wasn’t sure I really had any and in some ways I’m just repurposing last years, but for fun, here you go: 

Never Have a To-do list longer than…
6 items on the weekend
4 items on a weeknight

Also, I cannot get upset at myself when one or none of the items does not get crossed off. Life happens. Spending time with my husband and child is far more important than crossing something off my to-do list (no matter how much satisfaction I get from doing such :). Weekend To-do lists need to have equal parts Fun items and not so fun items. The 4-mile run from two weekends ago did count as fun. And it was! Weeknight items also need to mix fun with no-so fun items, but also be attainable. That would mean "putting away Christmas Candles" but not "pick up the loft" (especially the loft's state of destruction until yesterday - see pictures below for the before). I've done pretty well so far. I crossed everything off my first weekend list (two weekends ago), 3 of my 6 items on this last weekend's, and have crossed one, two or everything off four of 6 weeknight lists.

Make the stack of old, read magazines disappear!
When I read, I fold corners and mark with pen things I like, draw inspiration from, want to make etc. I have a file storage box ½ full with torn out magazine pages and several binders full of organized magazine pages. At the moment I plan to keep the recipes and workouts in torn-out magazine page format, but the rest I plan to convert to my new favorite site, Pinterest! Here's a pic of that file box and the stack of magazines I read last year.

Pinterest is a great way to categorize and organize everything you see online. Most of what I read is also available online (I just like the feel of a real magazine in my hands and a real magazine is safer to read while soaking in a bubble bath!) What I cannot translate to online will be debated and most likely tossed, just because I will probably already have 10 other things just like it online. Goodbye binders, box and stack of old magazines.

Part of the reason I have these binders and torn pages are for home décor ideas, which brings me to my home décor "focuses" for 2012 (note I didn't say "resolutions" as these could change and already have….

The Master Suite
11 days into 2012 and I’m already well on my way with this one. A big thank you to my hubby for purchasing the dressers I have been eyeing at Ikea for almost an entire year. They were his Christmas present to me. And another thank you to my dad and his generous Christmas gift that allowed us to buy the matching 3-draw chests which we are now using as night stands, as well as the new gel foam mattress pad we have been enjoying since before New Years. Having real, matching furniture in our room has made a HUGE difference in the feel of our room and I hope encourages us to keep our room clean rather than the dumping ground it has often been over the years.

I know the room will not be completed this year, but I do hope to get some paint on the wall and a few small DIY design items done to bring it, and us, even more into the adult world.

I know my home decor photography skills still have a long way to go, but at least its natural light!

I’m also adding in last year’s challenge of completing the master bathroom resolution into this year's focuses, since really the two areas are very much connected and one. Again, the room won’t be “complete” by the end of the year, but paint, a border to the large mirror and some small DIY décor items would go a loooong, long way.

Front Room.My Office
For the most part, that rounds out my home décor focuses. I will continue to work toward completing the Family room and will touch up the paint in powder room downstairs. We are also looking at turning the front room/my office area into an actual room, all with an actual door, and move Cameron’s office downstairs so that we have a spare/guest room upstairs.

Cameron’s already sourcing contractors for this one, so we’re already headed in the right direction. In the meantime, I’ll be working on cleaning up the loft area (as until yesterday held the old dresser and night stands and a rather large pile of left over pine needles from the Christmas tree) so that I can then begin moving all that is residing in the front room up to the loft until construction is complete. Check out these pocket doors I saw on Pinterest that we would like to incorporate into the new office.

Laundry Room
One last area I would like to focus on a little more, is our laundry room. The main objective will be to get it organized and make it easier to get to the litter box so I clean that more often (hopefully every day). And maybe, if it isn't such an eyesore, I'll enjoy going in there a little more often to get my laundry done. Currently, I wince every time I open up the cabinet that holds the liquid detergent as there is a pile of semi-solid liquid detergent that has built up on the bottom. I can only imagine what this is doing to the cabinet wood. This is one item Cameron and I were discussing when I failed to put the blankets in the laundry last night. When I tackle this room, it will definitely take a day. I'd also like to get it painted.

London's Bathroom
And until last night, this item had fallen off my list of home decor focuses, but Cameron brought it back. With Contractor's coming in and quoting, we figure we can see about having them take the large mirror down and replacing it with the ones I like at Lowe's. Add in a little paint and this room would really be done. We even almost bought the paint last night at Home Depot while picking up some RoundUp. At least we know the paint color, finally. This after several months with three possible colors painted all over the bathroom.

A Final Note on Resolutions
Last, I plan to not just make resolutions at the beginning of the year, but actually make one at the beginning of each month. To start, my January 2012 resolution is to get the house picked up and begin a deep cleaning. This means dusting each slat of every blind, dusting the top of the ceiling fans and light fixtures and dusting the floor boards. Right now, the pick-up process is in progress and hopefully, by this weekend, the deep cleanse will follow. For February, I’m thinking of finishing small projects or getting some painting done, but all this could change, depending on how January rolls along. Stay tuned!


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