Jan 6, 2012

Resolutions – Part 1

Happy 2012! We spent New Year’s Eve with the McGraths, Moes and Millers (yes, we were out of place without an “M” last name) and their growing broods. The kids were ready to party well past midnight (albeit London being cracked out from the lack of sleep, and purposely slamming her forehead into the wall) but Cameron and I were ready to pack it in as soon as midnight arrived. We lasted just a little while longer, but were home by 1:30 AM, London crashed out in her car seat and easy to transport to bed – we’d had the good sense to bring her to the party in her Pajamas (we also decided to rock the sweatpants for ourselves – I think some people were a little jealous they hadn’t). We had a great time, but look forward to the day we can leave the older kids in charge of the younger ones – we’re about 4 years away, we think.

With the New Year comes new resolutions. But how did I fair with last years? I fared ok – in my mind. That’s to say that resolutions aren’t absolute (to me) and if I decide to go a different path, I’m alright with that.

Update: Get Healthy and Lose Weight
I’m on and off track this one. I’ve taken a little break from running since the Thanksgiving 10K and haven’t really run since. But my mom got me a bunch of new cold weather running outfits and I have a ½ marathon in March, as well as a Super bowl Day 10K in February so I’ve got to get my butt in gear. I plan to run 4 miles this weekend and get as many 30-40 minute runs every week between Monday thru Thursday. I can’t say I’ve really lost any weight – maybe just those last 5 baby pounds, but I’d like to loose more, of course. What I can say is I do feel descent about myself most of the time and proud of the steps I’ve taken to make mine, and my family’s lives healthier. Cameron even asked me to make some Zucchini Lasagna again (a recipe I made after finding on Skinnytaste.com).

Update: Finished Decorating the Family Room
While I didn’t accomplish this completely (will it ever be done, per se?), we did make progress. We found and created the perfect entertainment center, as well as mounted the TV. All we really need are some throw pillows (which I remind myself I really want every time I lay down on the couch) and a little display on top of the entertainment center, under the TV. This will include a clock, as we now have AT&T and their DVR/Cable boxes don’t have clocks on them! A trip to HomeGoods should take care of it and now with HomeGoods in Folsom, it will be less of a trip to get there.

Update: Get all Bathrooms Decorated
Powder room: Pretty successful – I just need to do some touch-up re: paint

London’s Bathroom: Fail. Not that this is a big deal to me. All I really need to do is paint, but I don’t want to do that until we remove the big mirror and replace with some smaller ones I’ve found at Lowe’s. I also want to add some bead board/wainscotting. This could or could not happen in 2012. We’ll see.

Master bathroom: Fail. But again, not a big deal. I’ve recently had some new ideas for it, and wouldn’t have come up with these ideas had I done what I originally planned. Stayed tuned for these ideas in the next post, as it is part of my 2012 resolutions.

Update: Start and Stay up-to-date on London’s Baby Book
Start: Success
Stay Up-to-Date: FAIL

It’s definitely one of the top of my projects to do list. Along with London’s Stocking.

Update: Finish Cross Stitching London’s Stocking.
See above. I’m close – I just need to finish the blue background and turn it into an actual stocking. I won’t take 8 months off this year either!

Update: Catch up on my magazine Pile
I’m caught up minus two magazines from December. I’m half way through one. Both are fitness based, so I pushed them aside to read all my other December magazines in the actual month of December and save these for January since I know they will mean more this month any way. This pile does make a re-appearance in this year’s resolutions, but in a different way that I can’t wait to share with you, next post.

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