Jan 19, 2012

Pondering Some Changes…

I finally figured out how to follow several blogs at once. At first, when I’d find a blog I liked, I’d save it to my favorites. But this list would get long and not all blogs were updated regularly. And then I seemed to switch go through a few computers over a short period of time which resulted in not all the blogs getting transferred over.

And, with my old system, I’d literally have to go to each blog site everyday to see if they had been updated. Then we had London and following blogs and other online activities got more difficult. Especially when she learned that the computer meant skyping with Grandma and Grandpa. Cameron and I cannot even pick up the laptop in London’s presence without her expecting a Skype session, which means we don’t unless we are planning on a Skype session. This limits my free online time even more. Not to mention this is also my time to work on crafts, blog myself to keep everyone up to date, clean the house and just have some me or hubby and me time.

So when I do have free online time going from site to site to find something just wasn’t worth it. Until I got bored at work and looked into Google Reader. I wish someone had told me about this handy little Google App ages ago! It literally is one place I can login from any computer and read all the blogs I follow in one, central location. No more bookmarks, per se, as once they are book marked here, they are everywhere I can access the internet. Now I follow 75 80 blogs! These blogs are everything from the professionals who work for Martha Stewart and other publications, to the stay at home mom, DIY Decorator and home crafter. Which has me thinking…

Maybe I should expand the content of our little blog here. I started this blog to keep family and friends up to date on our lives and have occasionally shared a craft projects or home project. It also has served as a creative outlet for my writing. Why can’t I turn this into one of the many blogs I follow?
What I really would want to do, it to create ways to blog more often, share more and make my blog more of a destination for you, my friends and family. But also open it up to the writers of the blogs I follow if they so choose. Here are some of my thoughts of what to add:

Motherhood Mondays or Toddler Tuesdays – this is inspired from many of the “Mama” blogs I follow. Basically, these blogs would focus on some topic in parenting or something that happened with London.

Wordless Wednesdays – this is also inspired by some of the blogs I follow. The task is to simply post a picture that captures life at that moment and post it. The idea is the picture says it all.

Happy Hour Fridays – This is one is all me. Building on Lynde’s and my “Champagne Fridays” I’d share a simple home cocktail to be made for Happy Hour. It would have already been tested and approved by me previously. Another rule is that most ingredients would be easy to find at a grocery store or liquor store if not already on hand at home.

I'll also try to share more on the projects around the house and how I go about accomplishing each. With following all these DIY Blogs, I can already feel myself looking at something I would like to buy for our house and trying to figure out a way to do it DIY style for less. The latest has to do with the mirrors I want for London's bathroom, and I think I've found a possible solution. Stay tuned...

Another thing I plan to do is share with you all these lovely blogs I’ve been following when a particular post gets me so that I can possibly expand the blogs you follow. And if you haven’t signed up for Google Reader I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use and FREE.

Of course, I'll keep posting about our family adventures and London.

So what are your thoughts? Should I go for it? What would you like to see more of on this blog?

Oh, I’m also contemplating a name change. The Duck Call is just left over from my UC Davis class project, but I don’t like Cenedella Family Musings any more either, especially if I open this up. So far, most new names I come up with are already taken. One I am mulling over right now is “When A Hunter Meets a Crafter” It would fully read “What happens when a hunter meets a crafter…” in the title area, and I’d add some pictures to make it more punchy. Another one I thought of was "Simply Sarah" or "Sarah. Simply Stated." but there are variations of these out in the blogosphere. Do you have any Blog name ideas for me?


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