Jan 23, 2012

Oh the Invisible Mother

Can you find the “Hidden” Moms in these pictures?

Hello to my first installment of Motherhood Mondays. The first blog to turn me on to such a weekly topic is Cup of Jo. She’s a professional writer, who lives in Manhattan with her husband and toddler son. Her blog covers everything and anything that comes to her mind or happens in her life.

Last Monday for her Motherhood Monday piece, she featured a link from Retronaut, which showcased old-time photos of children. In actuality, the mothers of the children are in the pictures as well, covered up by what often looks like a sheet, blanket or rug. This was so that child would hold still so a focused picture could be taken. Remember, taking a picture back in these days required patience, stillness and time.
All in all, these are hilarious but I also can’t help seeing the truism in the picture. How often do you feel invisible as a mom? And not only by your children but by the people around you who are too focused on your children?

Make sure to go to the original link to see all the pictures Retronaut has gathered (I’ve only picked out 3 to show you), and check out Cup a Jo for some great blogging and insight.


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