Dec 8, 2011

Disneyland - Day 1

Cameron and I took London for her first visit to Disneyland the week before Thanksgiving. We flew out early Wednesday, November 16 so that we could have a full day in the park. Getting through security in the new terminal of Sacramento’s airport was a breeze. Of course, we budgeted plenty of time, given we needed to bring our own milk for London, which meant it had to be sealed when we got through security and then opened and vapors tested as soon as we got through. Unfortunately, Walgreens had been out of single serve 2% milk so we went with the next best thing – Strawberry-flavored milk. BIG MISTAKE! The sugar count was sky high and hit London quick. She was bouncing off the walls just as we were boarding. Luckily, it was a light flight, so we didn’t have to share our row with any one, and London had a seat to herself.

When we landed we soon discovered that our travel package did not include transportation from the airport to our hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier, like we had thought. Cameron’s mom was already in Anaheim, and had already been to Disneyland the day before. Since she had driven down, Cameron called and convinced her to pick us up, leaving Joe and our nephew Connor back at their hotel. Of course, we forgot that this was rush hour, so the 10 minute drive took 30 instead. On top of that, while I was letting London wander the arrivals terminal as we waited for Vicki, London’s butt unloaded, just as Vicki arrived. We would drive back to Vicki’s hotel room with the loaded diaper, which was very unpleasant to smell, while London crashed in her car seat for the 20 minutes. Planes have a way of clearing London out and we had to change London’s outfit at the hotel. Luckily, we pulled up to the hotel just as the park was opening so little time was missed.

Connor had kept saying that he thought London wanted to go on the carrousel, which really meant he did, so London’s first ride ever at Disneyland was King Arthur’s Carrousel. It was her second time on a carrousel, and this time she had the sense to hold on to the golden pole in front of her.

Next we hit up Dumbo. She squealed the entire ride and loved going up and down. From there, we took a boat ride through the Storybook Canal. Amazingly, Cameron, who has been to Disneyland more times than I, had never been on this ride.

London was going still going strong so we took our first trip on It’s A Small World – Holiday, which combines the traditional theme with Jingle Bells and its all decked out for Christmas. It was beautiful and the smells of gingerbread and pine tree that wafted through the air a few times was great. London was in awe the entire ride. There was no getting her attention throughout the entire ride.

We hit up Nemo’s Submarine Voyage next. London did great even when the large explosion went off and the lights went out. I’d say Dumbo and Nemo tied for her second favorite ride. After a quick lunch in Tomorrowland, we took the Monorail to check in to the hotel and wait for my parents to arrive.

The Paradise Pier Hotel was great for us. London got quite a kick out of the beach ball pillows and each room came with a play yard so London had a bed in our room and my parents. Plus, the little TV room that showed classic Disney cartoon shorts with kid-sized beach chairs was a great place to let London run around while we caught up with my parents and waited for their room to be ready. Since my parents only had two-day park hopper passes we would just cruise Downtown Disney the rest of the day and enjoy dinner at the Rainforest Café with all of us.

The Rainforest Café was the perfect place to eat with London. The thunderstorms and animatronics elephants and gorillas kept her entertained that even and the fish tanks would keep her attention the morning of our last day (Saturday).

My parents haven’t been to Disneyland since I was probably 5 years old so they’d never seen Downtown Disney or California Adventure. Until they walked into Disneyland the next morning, I don’t think they recognized the place at all, and while I know they’d never to back on their own, they definitely enjoyed experiencing Disneyland through London’s eyes.

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