Dec 7, 2011

A Crafter At Heart

With the current Daycare situation, London is getting exposed to crafting – she comes home almost every day with a new craft. I need to find a place in the house to showcase these little master pieces that can be rotated quickly and often. I already have a huge stack of her artwork that is in need of a plastic tub to be stored in. I figure I’ll hang on to these pieces as long as possible (the aim is 18) and then select the faves from over the years and do something with those pieces for London. I remember after I graduated and in the process of our moving from Chico to Visalia going through the tub my parents had kept f my artwork through the years and I know I still have some of these pieces somewhere.

Any way, because she is exposed to crafting I went ahead and bough London a coloring book and crayon. The second she sees the book and crayons, she gets excited and goes to town coloring. Then there was an evening at Matt & Lynde’s while we watched Monday Night Football. Their couch has an armrest that lifts up to reveal a storage area for magazine and remotes. London was bored with the game and Lynde showed her the secret compartment. In it was an old magazine that Lynde had forgotten was there. The site of the magazine lit up in London’s eyes. Lynde let her have it and before we knew it she was ripping pages up. But she wasn’t doing this to destroy the magazine. To our amazement, London was taking the ripped pieces and trying to put them together in her own fashion – it was like she was trying to make a collage!

I’d catch her doing this again a few weeks later with the pile of mail flyers and ads to be recycled. I caught it on still camera but I hope to catch London doing this on video one of these days. She gets so into it, so intense her tongue sticks out most of the time. I want to get her some glue or paste but I just envision how messy this is going to be and would want splat mats covering the floor and table, and a smock over London.

When I was visiting her daycare for the pumpkin patch field trip, Miss Alicia was in the process of putting up some profiles on each of the kids below some cutouts of the kids body tracing exercise. Low and behold, London’s profile said one of her favorite activities was to Paste! The girl is after my own heart. She’ll be a great help with our annual Christmas baskets someday!

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