Nov 30, 2011

November Update

Whoa am I behind on blog posts! Let’s see what I can do about catching you up…

On Sunday, Nov. 6 Lynde and I participated in the Apple Hill Harvest Run, which was an 8.5 mile course up in the foothills past Placerville. Cold weather had just hit and there had been a possibility that it might snow up there the night before the run. Luckily, it just rained that night, which was over by the time we got up there for the run the next morning. But golly it was cold. I’d brought along my gloves to wear during the run and then decided to leave them in the car thinking that I didn’t want to lose them when I knew I’d eventually take them off as I warmed up during the run. Whoops!

We got there an hour early, which is recommended, but also required us to stand around in the cold waiting for the race to start. It took a good mile into the course for Lynde and I to be able to feel our feet and fingers again - and that was just the tingly you feel when they start to warm up. By the end, we were both freezing again. Somewhere in the middle I did get warm enough that I actually rolled my sleeves up a smidge, but the last stretch of the course was under a tree canopy that trapped the cold in.

Overall, it was a gorgeous run. The course wound along the scenic Apple Hill region, which meant there were tons of Apple and other fruit orchards all over, along with wineries and Christmas Tree farms. I’ve never seen so many Choose-and-cut tree lots so close together. At one point two farms were right next to each other, sharing a parking lot and another was across the road! I’m not sure we’ll go up there this year for a tree, but maybe next.

The course was also full of hills. Lynde and I both are used to a flat course, so this was a challenge. Eventually, I’d end up going on ahead of Lynde when I was in my stride and the hills had done her in. Still, She only finished 5 minutes behind me. That's her in the blue in the photo above about to cross the finish line.

So what next…

Later that same week, Cameron took me to my first California Waterfowl Association (CWA) Dinner. Lynde said she would watch London, so it was sort of a date night for us, if you count in Cameron's co-worker Ken, his wife, their kids and friends, and Cameron's frat brother Soper, his son and Dad.

The dinner included an auction, silent auction and raffle besides the Prime Rib dinner. Cameron purchased many tickets for the raffle and ended up winning one of the last drawings, which was for a rifle – he ended up passing on the rifle and getting the cash instead for a new goose call. And we didn’t walk away from the auction empty handed either. There was this beautiful drawing of a couple of wood ducks that we both liked – it would go great in our loft whenever we get around to decorating it. We went for it and out bid all the others. We got it at a great price since it was toward the end of the auction, most people had spent their limits.

All in all it was a fun night out.

The Saturday after the CWA dinner, the one before we went to Disneyland (that post is next!), Cameron got an invite to go crabbing with his co-worker Ken, who had attended the CWA dinner. Ken had to be back by 1 PM that day, so he and Cameron met up in the wee hours of the morning (I think it was 3 AM) and headed for Bodega Bay. Cameron ended up coming home with his allotted 10 crabs and said the whole group caught their maximum for the day that morning - they even got home early.

Of course, now that we had 10 crab, we needed something to cook them in, so on our way to the Tarrs that evening to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday, we stopped by Home Depot. Originally, Cameron was going to get a bunch of cinderblocks and a metal basin to build a fire under to boil the crab – until he saw the Turkey Fryer. Perfect.

We had a great evening that night catching up with all our friends and getting to know baby Braydon a little more.

Sunday, Cameron boiled the crab so we could feast on not only the crab but also pulled Antelope Monday night. Yes, I even had some of the crab – I’ve had a bad reaction to calamari and was instructed to stay away from all shellfish because of it. But I remember eating crab when I was little and loving it. It was just too tempting. Since we were home I popped a Claritin and gave it a try. I didn’t go overboard, not even eating a full crab, but it tasted as good as I remembers and no reaction in sight! Now I’m dying to try shrimp again. If I can check these two off the list on what I can eat again, I’d be one happy lady. Calamari I will never touch again.

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