Nov 3, 2011


While last year was London’s true first Halloween, this year felt more like it since this was her first year to go Trick-or-Treating. And at one point I wasn’t sure if we were even going to get out the door. But in the end, all three of us had a blast and stayed up way past our bedtimes.

London’s Halloween started at daycare. They were having a harvest festival in the afternoon and invited the kids to bring in their costumes to dress in for the party. Cameron was taking her in on Halloween so I had him dress her in her Halloween PJs (might as well be festive and comfy the first part of the day) and take bag with her costume along and a tray full of crackers for later. The report from Cameron upon picking her up that afternoon was that her costume fit perfectly (I’d had to make some adjustments between our Halloween party and Halloween but never actually tried it on her) and that she’d enjoyed a chocolate cupcake at the party, which had also made its way all over her costume!

I was minutes behind Cameron and he still needed to put in an order for work, so I hit the ground running when I walked through the door. Between changing from my work clothes to my Halloween shirt, stripping London and throwing her costume in the wash and searching for the pumpkin carving tools, I was sweating by the time I finally stopped moving. And that was only for a second. And yes, you heard that right – I was searching for pumpkin carving tools. Yes, we failed to carve our pumpkin over the weekend, although ever since I had a pumpkin melt over night after spending hours carving it, I do tend to wait until the last minute on this.

Here's how the pumpkin turned out

At this point Cameron was finished with work and came down to hollow out the pumpkin and get the carving done. The plan had been to scrape the skin off in the shape of Mickey’s head. But our pumpkin was victim to the early October rains and had developed some unsightly lesions, too deep to not spend hours scraping, so we scrapped that and Cameron cut out the whole shape!

During this time, London was starving and throwing a tantrum to be fed, as the cheez-its were not satisfying her. She was also doing everything she could to get our attention, which meant doing everything she is not supposed to do, landing her in time out once. Between the tantrums and her rubbing her eyes already, I really wasn’t sure we should even go Trick-or-Treating.

Just in time, London’s costume was ready for the dryer. I threw it in on high for 20 minutes and ran back downstairs to deal with my starving girl by making us all a quick dinner of pot stickers. Just as we finished, London’s costume was ready. And to my discovery, a little smaller than it had been an hour earlier! But not so small we couldn’t get it on her.

So out the door we went to take pictures with a glow stick wand all cracked up and lit and her new pumpkin to hold in her candy haul – the same kind I had as a kid. We handed all this to her just out side the door. With her tummy full, the tears and tantrums were gone, and being outside, the eye rubbing vanished too. She squealed with delight with her wand and pumpkin in hand! We only had the chance to take one picture before she was off and running! First stop was Woodrow and Lauren’s, who we haven’t seen in a while. Woodrow had a nice set up of animatronic witches and zombies combined with noise effects. London wasn’t too sure what to think of all of it. She ended up just staring at the scene, but thankfully never screamed. Does make me question how she’ll handle the Haunted Mansion in two weeks!

And off ran London

Straight into Woodrow's arms!

From there we stopped at a few more neighbors. London loved getting to grab handfuls of candy to put into her pumpkin. We don’t get too many Trick-or-Treaters in our neighborhood, so one Costco-sized bag is plenty for the night and you can still give each kid 3 to 5 pieces each! At one point London was just taking the candy out of the bowl and onto the chair that it was sitting on while we talked with our neighbor. Then I heard a wrapper crinkle. London was chewing on it – she’d discovered the Smartees inside tasted yummy. Cameron ended up biting a few into smaller pieces so London could have some.

We spent the next two hours Trick-or-Treating a little, but mostly visiting with our neighbors while London played with some of the little girls down the street. Our house wasn’t dark, not handing out candy either. We simply put the bowl out on the front porch and checked on it occasionally. We still have plenty left over too, not to mention the decent haul London brought in! We called it a night just before 9 PM and got London down as quickly as we could. Cameron and I would end up staying up past 11 PM, watching the DVD sent with our Disney tickets and getting excited about our upcoming visit to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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