Nov 2, 2011

Davis Ranch with the Daycare

London's Daycare group on the "Hay" ride

A week before Halloween London’s Daycare took a field trip to Davis Ranch, the same farm we visit each year to pick and cut down our Christmas tree.

Because toddlers are a handful, the only way London’s Froggy Group could go was if a parent for 3 of the 4 children agreed to go along. Here’s the kicker – if we didn’t, then we didn’t have daycare until after 1 PM that day. Another trip to a pumpkin patch with my pumpkin? No problem, I was on board. Plus, having gotten to know Evan’s parents, I’d have fun talking with Kristin, who was also going.

Kristin & Evan

After getting to sleep in for once, London and I arrived at daycare that morning around 8:45 AM – we weren’t leaving for the Ranch until 9:30. It was fun being able to spend some time with London and her classmates and Miss Alicia to see what her days are like. We played with puzzles and sang songs, not to mention read a few books and London showed me how she could slide down the back of the school bus.

Looking for just the right pumpkin

Then it was time to caravan over to Davis Ranch. As soon as we got there, one of the farmhands instructed us to get on the hayride. I think every adult looked around for the vehicle. It couldn’t be the tractor attached to a board on wheels, could it? But yes, that was the vehicle he was instructing us to load up on. Thank gosh parents of the Froggies were required to come – I was even nervous for the kids that were of listening and abiding age. Just a little misstep and they could end up flying off this thing. It definitely gave me an idea that Davis Ranch is not used to hosting school kids and definitely not pre-schools. But on we climbed and we were off, albeit quite slowly, past the watermelons and Christmas trees and over a hill to the pumpkin fields.

I wasn't kidding - look at the non-existent barrier!

Each type of pumpkin had its own row. Big, little, white, orange, green – every color and size pumpkin that you could imagine. Miss Alicia, Kristin and I steered the Froggies toward the little pumpkins which includes orange and white Jack Be Littles. First we each picked out a white pumpkin, about twice the size of a Little, that had green and orange stripes. Then we picked out one white and one orange of the Littles. Miss Alicia picked a few more for craft projects to do later that week.

Pumpkin Found


The whole daycare didn’t take long to pick out a pumpkin and soon we were back on the “hayride” (though there was no hay) and headed back to the Davis Ranch main area. They have several picnic tables set up out there so we commandeered two and the kids ate lunch.

Lunch Time

From there, we let the kids run through the “haybale” maze. London was getting tired at this point so there was no haybale maze for her. She had no interest following the big kids through – she wanted to go check out all the picked pumpkins for sale under a big tent. After a picture of the group in front of the Giant Mountain of Pumpkins, we caravanned back to the Daycare center. By the time we were back, London, along with most of the kids in the other cars were passed out.

One more picture before we go

I knew this had been a lot for her, and wanted to ensure a good nap, so I ended up taking her home to sleep in her own crib. London slept for 2 solid hours AFTER I transferred her from the car to crib. And then we had a fun day playing together the rest of the afternoon before Daddy got home and while AT&T installed new cable boxes, internet and phone services at our house.

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