Oct 7, 2011


This is a rare/first post from Cameron:

I’m very lucky to have an understanding wife who allows me to do a hunting trip once a year. In previous years I have gone to Canada for a water foul hunt and Northern Cal to assist in a Deer hunt. This year I got to take two trips. In February I went on a Canadian Goose hunt in Colorado and I just got back from Wyoming for an Antelope hunt.

One of my hunting buddies, Jason Giles, invited me to go with him and 7 others for the Antelope hunt in Alcova, WY. How Sarah agreed to a week without me is still unknown. I drew a Buck tag and purchased an additional Doe tag.

The first day we were out there was just a bit of set up and relaxing from the 16+ hours of driving the prior day. One group went out and bagged the first Doe of the season. The following day we went out for a scouting mission and saw a lot of Antelope, but not in our zone. We took this opportunity to sight in the guns. At 85 yards I was right on as was everyone else. To kill some more time Jason’s Dad brought out the 22 and it was prairie dog time. But as the day grew on the Antelope started to show in droves.

We spotted a buck that looked promising but it was too early to take a go at him as there were many more locations to check out. But as the day started to wind up we saw a group of Antelope Does that looked too tempting. So, after a small hike and a good distance of army crawling over harsh terrain including some cactus that found my shoe and palm, we ranged her in at about 180 yards. I’m proud to say 1 shot 1 kill.

The next few days we went out and began to work through our 14 tags. At the same time we spotted all kinds of wild life including Mule Deer, Badgers and a rare ferret. We also got some fishing in where Burt the elder put on a show for all us young bucks.

As the week was coming to a close it was time to make a decision on a buck and that one we saw the first day was calling. We had seen him 3-4 times in a general area all week and went back. Randy, our guide, had yet to shoot his 2 Does and the plan was to have him shoot his that day too.

So we see a small herd of does that Randy took a crack at but was unsuccessful. As we made our way back to the truck Jason spotted another doe lying down. Randy grabbed his gun and was off. But something didn’t seem right as she didn’t get up like they normally do and we were just hoping he didn’t take the shot. The doe finally got up and slowly walked over the ridge. As we glassed the area we did not notice Randy jumping up and down trying to get our attention. We finally realized what was up and grabbed the gun and we were off. Randy had followed the doe up to the ridge when he spotted a group of Antelope and he thought my Buck was in there.

Jason and I did another crawl up to the ridge and couldn’t see any. As we kept moving I finally saw a set of ears, but hardly any other Antelope. Then as I moved to the side as there was a bit of sage brush in front of me, I saw them. There was about 14-16, which at this time, is a large group that only a large buck can hang on to. I saw a set of horns looking right at me. They looked good but needed a profile to make certain and after a few minutes that seemed like forever he finally gave me the look and was ready for taking.

The result?

It was a great time and next year if we do this again the family is coming with as it is only 2 hours from some of Sarah’s family and should be a good time.

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