Nov 4, 2011

Our Growing Girl

The girl just won’t stop growing – seriously. London won’t even slow down, not even a smidgen. Just when you think we’re set for a while, she goes and grows some more and passes two more milestones in her race to grow up and be taller than me!

The first milestone was a bit delayed on Cameron and my parts. The poor girl, while still within the weight limit of her infant car seat, had definitely outgrown it in height. The little girl’s feet were taking firm walks up the back of the actual car seat. This was until her last doctor’s visit, when she was officially too heavy for the infant car seat as well. With our trip up to Reno, we knew we needed to get London into something more comfortable. Its not like we didn’t have the new car seat – we’d bought it last November during the Black Friday/Weekend sales. We were just lazy in taking it out of the box in the garage and learning how to use it.

When I got back from my 5K that morning though, Cameron had it out of the box and fitted to London. Only thing was, if we placed her backward, like the Academy of Pediatrics recommends until the child is 2 years old, London would have been eating her knees, still!

After checking the labels and seeing that London met the minimum forward-facing weight and height requirements of the car seat, Cameron and I both agreed it was time to turn that girl around. And boy, does she love it, being able to see so much more, minus when the sun gets her in the eyes.

The second milestone has to do with clothes. We made it through the summer on size 12 months – barely! By the end, we were struggling to get some shirts over London’s head and the few pants that we had looked more like capris. The poor girl had a wedgy if we tried to put a 12 month onesie on her.

And so it was off to Target one rainy night recently to get her some fall and early winter clothes – all pants, no shorts with a mix of long and short sleeved outfits.

It’s also sad to report that London has almost outgrown onesies altogether. They are rare for the 18 month size and even rarer for the 24 month size. By next summer there will be no onesies in her wardrobe for sure.

We tried not to go too overboard, given that both Cameron and I doubt we’ll make it through the winter before needing to buy some 24 month sized clothes. If she grows another inch, another shopping trip is in our future. Thank goodness Target sees enough clothes go through the stores that in season items can be found on the clearance racks.

This growing also makes it terribly hard to predict where she will be a year from now, so we don’t shop with the future in mind – we can only get what we need right now or we’ll jinx ourselves and she’ll either stop growing or double her growing. Her closet is filled to the brim with tubs of clothes the girl has outgrown and we’re quickly filling the shed with more!

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