Oct 6, 2011

The Great License Plate Search

A while back, I wrote about how Cameron and I were seeing out-of-state license plates whenever we were driving – not just on big rigs, but on normal cars. Well, we have seen more states than we haven’t – by a lot. We are only missing four states:

Rhode Island
New Jersey
North Dakota

The most recently added states were Hawaii and Washington DC (yes, we’re counting it as a state – they do have their own plates, so why not?) I got those both the week Cameron was in Wyoming.

The biggest surprise among the states missing is North Dakota. We figured since it’s a state relatively close, compared to the missing East Coast states, it wouldn’t be so hard to find. It has eluded us - apparently no one from there travels or has recently moved to California.

We’ve also seen four of Canada’s 10 Provinces. We’ve even seen several European plates, though we can’t easily identify where each has been from.

But, the weirdest find thus far was a reddish-maroon colored plate with white lettering. While it looked like a US plate, it said Turkey and US Forces on it. It must have been a soldier just back from being stationed overseas – the driver was in full camo fatigues.

Spotting all these license plates has been fun for us, so we’ve decided that we will wipe the slate clean on January 1, 2012 and start all over again. I wonder if, having a full year, we’ll get all 51 eventually.

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