Oct 20, 2011

Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch

What October wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Pumpkin Patch? For the 3rd year in a row, we made the hour drive up to Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch in Wheatland this past Sunday. This year we went with the Tarrs and their 12 day-old son Brayden, the Fosters and their friends Paula, Phil and Weston (20 months old) and our new friends Richard, Kristin and Evan. We met them through London’s day care – Evan is a month younger than London and is in the Toddler Froggy group with her. Every morning they greet each other with hugs and Evan often tries to kiss London. Her dad is proud that she pushes away from this, although, she also isn’t in to kisses from us or giving them to us. Whenever we ask for a kiss, she shakes her head no most of the time. We’re working on giving and getting “sugar” as we call it.

After we all met at the entrance shortly after the farm opened that morning, we headed for the the patch where all the giant pumpkins are grown. I have to say they didn’t look as big this year as last. I wonder if the mild summer contributed to this? Any how, London and Evan had a grand time wandering the patch, taking in the sights and sounds of the train going by and eventually took interest in the giant pumpkins. We did get some great photos of London, London and Evan and the family.

We still had some time to kill after the giant pumpkins and before the pig races so we wandered over to the flower cutting garden. The kids weren’t so into the flowers as they were the cows and ponies in nearby pastures. Both London and Evan were mesmerized.

While the pig races are somewhat entertaining, the stage performance by the actors is the same year in year out, just substituting new pigs, so we got a little bored with it, and with little ones like London, the attention span just isn’t there. Cameron and Richard ended up taking the kids down to visit the chicken coop located near the finish line so that the kids would be entertained in between the three races.

After the races we lost the Fosters and their friends to the crowds, while Alyssa and Brayden were ready to go home and rest. I remember how little energy and how tired I was when London was that age, but I applaud Alyssa for getting out and getting some great family photos for Brayden’s first visit to the patch. They’ll have a blast next year when he’ll be more interested in his surroundings.

From there we headed for the little farm and petting zoo, where the kids got to see colorful chickens, sheep, pigs, a donkey and goats. Poor Evan was a bit scared of the sheep but loved the donkey. London loves the goats, and enjoyed going in to the petting zoo to “brush” some of the smaller ones. At one point she actually sat down on one when she was trying to sit next to it and she doesn’t quite get how to use a brush – most of the time she brushed with the smooth, plastic side versus the bristles side.

After the petting zoo, we headed out to the field to find our pumpkins. Again, the pumpkins looked smaller than last year, and finding a good one was more difficult thanks to all the rain we had earlier in the month. Many were already rotting. But we did find one out in the patch and another near the check out stand. Since we have our Disney trip in just a few weeks, the theme for our pumpkin carving and decorating is Mickey Mouse. Here’s the first one:

We dropped the pumpkins off at the cars before heading back in for a quick bite to eat. Cameron and Richard ended up spending a lot of time in the lines, while Kristin and I tried to feed the kids while sitting on wet grass. We definitely walked away with wet butts. And the bees were ridiculous – one commandeered London’s apple sauce after only a few bites. By the time the guys got back with the food, both kids were hitting their limit and ready for naps. We ate as quickly as we could before running off to the cars to get the kids buckled in and on the road. London was asleep before we made it the one mile back to the highway!

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