Oct 4, 2011

Back to Normal

Yay! Cameron is home. He had a great time in Wyoming and shot his prize Buck. We’re heading to Reno Saturday to pick up all the meat he and Jason hauled back with them and to find a taxidermist to mount the head of the buck. The guys drove all Saturday from Wyoming to Reno where Jason lives, and then Cameron completed the trek from Reno to home, getting back around 12:30 AM Sunday.

Since I had the Urban Cow half marathon on Sunday, I had headed to bed super early, but we’d arranged it so that he would text as he drove into our neighborhood. This way I could get Tulley up and outside to wait for him. Our main objective in doing this was to ensure that Tulley didn’t freak out when Cameron walked through the front door, barking and waking London up, not to mention freaking me out by waking me up so loudly and suddenly.

When Tulley saw the car pull up she did start to growl. I’m sure she was wondering what in the world we were doing in the front yard in the middle of the night. She continued to growl as Cameron got out of the car until he said something and then she sprinted, jumping as high as she could around him without jumping on him. We call it her rabbit jump and it’s pretty hilarious to watch. Then she did circles likes she was chasing her tail, right then left then right again. She was so excited to see her daddy.

Since Cameron had gotten home early enough, he was going to be able to watch London in the morning while I ran, so I wouldn’t need to drag her out of bed at 5:45 AM to take her with me. I’d arranged to meet a friend at the race to have her watch London for the 3 hours my race would take, but by 9 PM Cameron was sure he’d be home early enough to get enough sleep. Of course, there would be a nap in all of our futures later on Sunday. I did wish I had been there when London woke up to her daddy being home. Saturday we had been up in the loft, her playing, me cleaning, when she spied one of our wedding pictures. She picked it up and pointed at Cameron saying Dada. She continued to hold it as she walked around; investigating an area of the house she normally doesn’t have access to.

But it’s a good thing I didn’t need to worry about London when I got up Sunday morning either. The little stinker messed with my alarm, turning the radio volume down, so I didn’t hear it when it went off. It was set for 5:20 AM. I had wanted to leave at 6 AM so this time would give me one good snooze before getting up and slowly getting ready while taking in a small, healthy breakfast. I luckily woke up at 5:54 – versus sleeping through the race - and some how managed to get out of the house at 6:08 AM – even with a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter smeared on it. And I made it to the starting line a good 50 minutes before the 7:30 AM gun. The race started off slow – I’m a slow runner so I lined up just past the 12 minute Mile + marker and in front on the Walkers & Strollers marker. Well, not all the walkers were where they were supposed to be so I ended up having to navigate through many of them for the first mile. After that things lightened up as everyone hit their stride. It was a great race and a beautiful course as well as a perfect day. The sun was shining and the air was crisp with the first feelings of Fall making itself present.

I changed from my normal 3:1 pace to a 4:1 pace, which means I would run for four minutes and then power walked for a minute. I also didn’t stick to a 13:30 minute mile pace I normally train at. I haven’t checked my watch to get my official average pace, but I’m pretty sure it was around a 12 or 12:30 minute mile pace. And I ran the last mile without any walk breaks pushing hard to get top the finish line as soon as I could. The last change I made from my last race is that I listened to music the whole time and ran by myself, instead of sticking with a group and chatting. This made a huge difference half way through when some really good, motivating songs came on. I actually had to hold myself back from running at an even faster pace. Note to self: these songs need to be at the end of my next race.

With all these changes, I finished in 2 hrs, 42 minutes and 58 seconds, according to my watch (official results have not been posted yet). My first half marathon time, back in April was 3 hrs, 11 minutes and 3 seconds. So I pretty much took off around 25 minutes from my previous time. Awesome!

Plus, I felt better at the end of this race. Sure, I was going to be tight and sore (hell, I’d pushed myself pretty hard), but I didn’t have the aches in my knees like last time. My right knee would bother me some by Sunday evening and into yesterday, but its fine today.

I did learn I need to invest in some new sports bras. I think the one I wore, like most I own are from high school or at least college days and it ended up rubbing a little burn into the spot where my ribs join together. I didn’t notice it during the run or even afterward until I got into the shower and felt a burning sensation. It also made a similar mark on my back. Good lesson to learn I guess.

I was home by 11 AM and soon all three of us were napping. After a Costco run in the afternoon, we all lounged around the house as one happy family. And of every one, we think Kelsey missed Cameron the most. She wouldn’t leave him alone all day!

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