Oct 12, 2011

Another 5K, Reno & Mary Kay

This past weekend was another busy one for us.

Saturday morning Lynde and I headed to the Roseville Fountains to meet up with Kim and participate in the Hot Pink 5K. All the proceeds and money raised from this event went to the Placer (County) Breast Cancer Endowment. It was a nice course that included some good hills throughout the neighborhood located behind The Fountains shopping area. Afterward, we ducked into Whole Foods where I grabbed a smoothie to replenish my energy since I knew the second I got home, there would be no resting.

See, we had plans to head up to Reno to get Cameron’s share of the Antelope meat from his hunt, and also meet with a taxidermist to start the process of having the head of his Buck mounted. This would take the rest of the day, so we then had plans to stay at Cameron’s grandparents’ house in Incline. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be there to catch up with. Combine this with the fact that I didn’t pack for Reno Friday night like I was supposed to, meant that I was rushing around showering and packing as soon as I walked through the front door. I got home around 10:45 AM – we were back out the door and on the road at 12:01. Pretty good considering I wasn’t just packing for myself.

It still amazes me how much we need to pack for London when we go somewhere overnight – Pjs, clothes for the next day, spare outfit in case of blow out, play yard, play yard mattress pad cover, mattress fitted sheet, blanket, stuffed “Tulley” dog, soothing sheep and seahorse, bottles, sippy cups, snacks, diapers, wipes, not to mention toys to play with while we are away. The girl had three bags! Cameron and I had all our needs stuffed in one – together!

So off to Reno we headed. It really wasn’t that exciting of a trip for me, though I enjoyed catching up with Jason’s wife Claire, who I haven’t seen since our friends Dave and Jen Carlson got married in the summer of 2004! And it was nice to meet their two kids, Hailey and Cash. London had a blast following the older kids around and playing with the two –little- dogs. While we were catching up, Jason and Cameron headed for the taxidermist’s, which would take several hours.

Apparently this guy is one of the best, but doesn’t do this as a full time job and only is found through word of mouth, but his prices are also fair. Cameron’s buck won’t be ready until January – had he waited another week to get it in, it wouldn’t be ready until next September! But Cameron did come back saying he has a craft project for me to tackle once we do get the head back. See below this mounted head? The Rocks and Sage brush? Cameron wants me to replicate this for his. Going require some research and I need to see the one in this picture in person, but it should be a fun challenge.

When the boys got back we had a quick, yummy dinner of El Pollo Loco, said our farewells and headed to Incline. We’d been looking forward to spending some time relaxing in spa there after London went to bed, but as Cameron was getting out of the car to go through the backyard to get to an open door, I remembered his grandparents’ telling us about the bear that lives in the empty lot next door, the last time we saw them. I told Cameron to be careful, telling him not to get eaten by a bear. Once we were all inside, Cameron mentioned the BBQ on the back porch was overturned, so there were recent signs that something had been back there. We both admitted we didn’t think the spa was a good idea any more. Soon after we arrived, we discovered that there was no milk in the house. We both knew London would not stand for this, so off to the store Cameron ran.

He came back with not only milk, but a bottle of champagne, havarti dill cheese, artisan salami, provolone slices and toasted slices on garlic sourdough bread. Yum! We relaxed in front of the TV, enjoying our second dinner/dessert after London fell asleep and some quality time with each other, snuggling.

Of course, being in a somewhat strange place, we should have known London wouldn’t sleep in, especially once it started to get light out. The first time she woke up was around 6 AM. She could see us from her play yard so we did everything not to move and she did go back to sleep somewhat quickly…for about an hour. At 7 AM, we decided we had no choice but to get u. Since I had plans in Natomas at 1 PM, it would be best to just get up and go. We were out the door by 8 AM and home by 10 AM!

Back at home, Cameron and London lounged while I tackled a craft project I wanted to finish up – spray painting some wood boxes black for the entrance table that I’d recently decorated. I think I ended up spraying more on my fingers than on the actual boxes. And it didn’t come off easily. I ended running over to Matt & Lynde’s for some paint thinner before showering for the Mary Kay party I was attending at 1 PM. This made for some mad dashing and showering once again and I went to the party with grayish fingers.

A close up of the boxes

The finished table - I know I need paint on the wall and a mirror to complete it

Still, I ended up arriving 15 minutes early, so I made a stop at Starbucks where I discovered my new fave drink there – a Tazo Chai Tea latte. Think spices, honey and milk mixed together and warm. It was very soothing to my throat which is a bit scratchy thanks to an on slot of seasonal allergies. I’m still craving this drink days later. Luckily I’ve found a few recipes online for how to make it at home, so I just need to buy a few ingredients and give it a whirl. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Mary Kay party was fun – I hadn’t been to one in years and they’ve changed and added many great products. Even Monday morning, my skin was still feeling great after the facial we had given ourselves during the presentation. But I just replenished my usual face regiment products, so I was good and only walked away with a hand mask, scrub and lotion, along with a lip mask and balm in hopes I can get both my horrible cuticles and chapped lips under control. So far, so good. I may consider switching over to complimentary Mary Kay products as each of my face products runs out though. Depends on if I think about it in advance of being in dire need of each!

After such a whirlwind of a weekend, I was exhausted. Cameron and London both took naps while I was out (London took a 3 hour nap! She must be growing or she really didn’t sleep well in Tahoe). By the time I got home, a nap didn’t make any sense so instead I powered through before crashing into bed at 9 PM – that was even too early for Tulley who is usually bugging me to go to bed when she’s ready.

I ended up getting one of the best nights of sleep I‘ve had in a long time – London is finally back to sleeping through the night, so I made it until my alarm went off Monday morning!

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