Sep 16, 2011

Who Does London Love the Most?

There hasn’t been much debate in the house about who London appears to love more – Cameron says she makes it clear that she loves her mama and that Daddy is chopped liver. Of course, she loves her daddy but does have those days that daddy just won’t do – she needs Mama.

She was in one of these moods Wednesday night. London was having a tough time falling asleep and got herself so upset that she couldn’t calm herself down. She has four teeth, including three molars, coming in and she hadn’t finished her dinner that night, so these factors weren’t helping her drift off. After she’d been rescued and put back to bed by me, she continued her crying. Cameron went up to see if rocking her would help. Soon he was back downstairs with London and as soon as she saw me, she wanted me. She’d only wanted me earlier when I’d gone upstairs to try and rock her and ended up back downstairs with her when she was so upset that her lower lip was quivering and she kept catching her breath. Cameron had tried at that time to hold and comfort her but she’d turn away to stay in my arms.

I always feel bad for Cameron in these situations because all he wants to do is comfort his little girl and make London feel safe, to be a strong Daddy for his daughter. I think its more about her age then anything. I’m sure there will come a day soon when I’ll be the chopped liver.

But we didn’t realize there was someone else in our household that she loves even more than Mama these days. That is until I picked her up from daycare yesterday. Its family week for the Froggy group and Miss Alicia had asked us to bring in some family photos on Monnday for some projects. I’d selected a photo of London and me, one of Cameron and London and a couple of London with each of her grandparents. For fun, I threw one in of Tulley and London.

Well yesterday the kids were finger painting trees to act as a frame for one of the pictures. Since there wasn’t a picture of Cameron, London and I together, Miss Alicia thought she’d let London pick which picture to put on the tree. Of all the pictures, London chose the picture of Tulley and her. Miss Alicia said she got real excited when she saw it.

So there you have it – London loves Tulley the most. And who can blame her – who doesn’t love Tulley. She’s a smart pup and does her best to make you feel better when you’re upset or not feeling well. And she’s always on high alert when things aren’t right.

Last night she saw me packing for Tahoe and packing up food for her and Melody. She knows what all this means and so she slept cuddled up next to me more than usual, with her head on top of me, just to ensure I didn’t leave without her. I blame Cameron for this complex of her. Ever since he snuck out in the middle of the night and came home with dead birds without her she tends to stay close by when any type of packing or prepping goes on. The night after that incident she slept on his feet so he was literally pinned down all night. He couldn’t move without her knowing!

And when I think about it, when London had worked herself into such a fit Wednesday night, it was seeing and cuddling with Tulley that truly calmed her down, not me.

Things are going great with the daycare and Miss Alicia by the way. London rarely cries as I leave when I drop her off. We have a calendar on our fridge of all the plans Miss Alicia has for them each day, with a theme for each week, as well as a color, letter, number and words of the month. This month the color is green, the letter is A and the number is 2. Words are Help, Up, Down, No and Please.

Last week was grandparents week along with finger tracings. We were asked to bring in two pictures of London. At the end of the week, we brought home a framed picture of London with stickers on it, a grandparents poem and a finger painting. We also had heart-shaped cards with her hand tracings cut out and attached to act like the front of the card. This was a great reminder that grandparents day was last Sunday. And each of her grandparents have received their gifts.

Plus, at the end of each day we get a report card of sorts that let’s us know what kind of mood London was in, how many dirty diapers she had, what she ate and what activities she did with her classmates that day. For example, yesterday she danced, finger painted, played fireman (this is also fire preparedness week) and played with the sensory box. This is also where we find out if she needs more diapers or if we need to bring something in or dress her in a certain color the next day – last Friday was wear green day and bring in your favorite toy day. It may be expensive but it is well worth the money in Cameron and my eyes more and more.

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