Sep 7, 2011

A Weekend Lost

We didn’t have any grand plans for the Labor Day weekend, but we did have plans. I wanted to get a handle on the house – as of late, housework has gone by the wayside. I also had a 12-mile run scheduled for Saturday morning with SacFit. Cameron had his Fantasy Football draft Sunday afternoon and then planned on heading up to the Chico for the evening to hang out with his old roommate Dave and go dove hunting on Labor Day. I figured while he was gone on Monday I’d take London to the new Children’s Museum down the road from us. We’d round out the weekend with a BBQ with Matt & Lynde that evening. That’s not EXACTLY how the weekend played out.

Unexpectedly, our weekend would end up starting Thursday night. Both Cameron and I came down with either the stomach bug that was floating around London’s daycare or food poisoning from our tuna Salad dinner Thursday night. I suspect the latter with the mayo as the main culprit. Cameron would spend the night back and forth between the bed and the toilet, singing to the porcelain gods each visit. While I wasn’t singing, there were some close calls with me running in to stare at the toilet water until the queasiness passed. It reminded me of the worst of my morning sickness days when I was pregnant with London.

London would wake up in the middle of the night leaking from the other end. At some point I know I had a husband half dead on the bathroom floor and a child running around in a clean diaper while I changed crib sheets. All the while Tulley was going nuts with all the activity. Gotta hand it to her, she knew something was wrong and she was determined to make sure we felt better by having her right next to us. Unfortunately, her bouncing on and off the bed checking on which ever one of us was up at the moment often aided to increasing the queasiness of the other one of us trying to get a few moments of shut eye before the next round hit.

By morning we were all exhausted and still sick, though Cameron finally stopped singing. Friday was a complete fog. London was the only one with an appetite that day and I remember it being quite difficult to rummage up the energy to make her something to eat each time. I also vaguely remember leaning over the sink trying to clean some dishes and bottles while an empty bowl used to make the tuna salad from the night before lay soaking next to me. Not an easy task. On the bright side, London was willing to take two long naps that day, which we joined in on.

Saturday brought some relief. Cameron even managed to mow the yard, though slowly thanks to the light headiness he experienced from a lack of sustenance. We still weren’t eating. I definitely did not run 12 miles.

Sunday was better – I got all the dishes done and cleaned the family room, plus we were able to eat some, though after about three bites of anything we’d start to feel sick again. Cameron made it to his fantasy football draft and I was happy to zone out in front of the TV after London went to bed. Unfortunately, she was still having issues in the rear-end region, and there would be a point of sheet changing again.

Plus, Dave had decided he was going to stay in Sac that night after the draft was over and would be staying with us or Matt & Lynde. In the off chance he’d be staying with us, I rushed around trying to pick up a little more. He ended up staying over at Matt & Lynde’s, probably because it was a child- and sick-free zone, but he did come over Monday morning so I was thankful I’d made some effort to get the house organized.

And while Cameron didn’t go dove hunting, we did have a BBQ with Matt & Lynde that evening. Jeremy and Alyssa were able to make it too, so at least we ended the weekend, and the summer, on a high note, even if it felt like we lost three days of our life to a blurry queasiness. And we’re almost back to normal. Cameron and I both still have our moment, but we were able to enjoy the BBQ food and have been eating normally since. The house amazingly, did get picked up and downstairs almost completely clean thanks to the BBQ and energy I had Monday afternoon. Plus, we’ve re-implemented a 30-minute nightly clean-up to help get the housework back under control so I don’t spend an entire weekend cleaning. With the inside looking decent I spent my 30-minutes dead-heading my roses, which were in desperate need while Cameron worked on his office.

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