Sep 30, 2011

A Single Mom’s Life

With Cameron away in Wyoming hunting Antelope, I’ve gotten a glimpse into the life of a single mom. For the most part, it hasn’t been too bad. The security of not having Cameron there isn’t the same as when he is – but that’s why we have a house alarm and two dogs, one with a fierce bark (Tulley) and one who looks fierce (Melody). I also miss having Cameron around at night to chat with, but he’s made the effort to call every night so we can talk for a few minutes at least. I’d say I miss cuddling with him as I fall asleep (and I do) but I also have Tulley right there who is the main cuddle monster any way.

I’ve had a few middle of the night wakings from London, but that’s not totally unexpected – she does have three molars (maybe four – she doesn’t like me feeling around in there and I have been bitten when I do) and her fourth tooth in the front, on top, coming in. I have had to resort to giving her Advil a few grumpy nights as well as the binky when it was getting to the point that I was going to loose a considerable amount of sleep if I didn’t.

Around the house, I’ve been able to stay caught up on all my DVR’d TV programs and really gotten the place clean. Plus, the areas I’ve cleaned have stayed clean! Hmm, maybe I’m on to something…Joking. Rather have a mess and my man around than an empty, clean house. It would be nice if he makes an effort to help keep it clean when he does get home, but I’m almost positive the front room will be destroyed within 10 minutes of him returning Saturday night or Sunday morning. Oh well.

Tulley is suffering the most since she has to be crated all day while I’m at work. Thursday she even tried to hide when she saw London and I getting ready to head out the door. To add insult to injury, when I do coax her down and toward the crate, London smashes her head between the crate and crate door because she was trying to close it. The child likes closing everything even when you’re trying to get something or trying to get through. Poor Tulley. But as you will learn shortly, it was one of THOSE mornings after one of THOSE nights.

Wednesday night was the night I really missed Cameron and was thankful I wasn’t a full time single mom. I don’t know how they do it. It goes back to these teeth coming in. They are causing some diaper blowouts – I’ve been sent home with a child in different cloths or missing clothes from what I dropped her off in, along with a plastic bag with the soiled clothes to launder 3 of 4 days so far!

So back to Wednesday night. I’ve fed London and am just sitting down to feel myself an actual home made meal when I smell something. I know ifs London’s diaper but it can wait while I eat, right? Wrong. London gets up on the chair across from me at the table and is contemplating getting onto the table to try my dinner. I look through our glass table and notice something yellow that is not apart of the chair upholstery. Major diaper blowout! I abandon eating dinner and am running upstairs, dangling London by her arms yelling for Tulley to follow, as just as I picked up London, Tulley was smelling and literally about to lick up the mess! I did eventually eat my now cold dinner, with a very large glass on wine after cleaning up both my child and the chair. Thank goodness for Fabreeze – got the smell out, no problem. And this was after a second attempt at sitting down to eat, when London decided she needed to be whiny and unpleasant. With my patience running low, I whisked her off to bed without a second thought. Good thing she didn’t protest bed.

Not that having Cameron there would have allowed me to eat dinner in peace from the moment all this happened. I would have just had someone to share in the pain and help with the cleanup. Plus, when he’s home we share the time with London so there we each get a little bit on time to relax and unwind from work without having to wait for the moment until after she goes to bed.

You’d think a good night’s sleep would help. Nope. Thursday morning wasn’t any better. London woke up just as I was getting out of the shower and I could tell if wasn’t because she was ready. It was a bad dream-type wake up which meant she was still tired and whiny. I had no choice but to get ready with her whiny butt right next to me. When we finally make it downstairs to get my lunch thrown together, London ends up slamming my head between the door and fridge. Adding Tulley’s head slamming 10 minutes later, that girl was on a roll! London would whine all the way to daycare. Had Cameron been home, he’d probably have gotten up the second he heard me losing my patience with London and taken care of her to give me some time to get what I needed to get done. I’m happy to report we were both in better moods Thursday night and this morning.

Before Cameron left, my biggest had been whether I’d be able to get a few runs in early in the week, as I have my next half marathon on Sunday. This ended up not being an issue as Lynde wanted to get a few in too before she headed to San Diego on Thursday. She volunteered Matt to watch the little bug.

This would be interesting. Yes, it was only for 30 minutes or so each night (Monday & Tuesday), but you have to understand that Matt has never changed a diaper on this child, spent time alone with her and has probably only picked her up once.

None of these issues turned out to be a factor. For the diaper part, I made sure to change London before we headed over each evening as well as made sure she had a full belly. I also brought along her Gerber Crisps for a snack just in case.

Monday, we took Tulley over with us to romp around with Cody in the backyard. When we left, we heard London cry for a second and when we returned we found Matt and London looking out the backdoor watching Tulley and Cody be crazy.

Tuesday when we left, we took Tulley and Cody on the run with us. London tried to walk out the front door with us, but Matt was quick and pulled her back as we shut the door. We heard a little more crying as we headed out. This is what we walked in to find when we got back:

Apparently, after we left, she crawled under the coffee table to half cry/half whine, crying more when she’d bonk her head on the coffee table. Matt said he coaxed her out, at which time she cried until she fell asleep. Of course, this was a great little snooze for London that by the time we got back home, she was raring to go and stayed up a little later than normal.

Here’s another funny picture to share with you that happened this week. Last night, I started the shower before bed. I must have left the door open a little, as when I came back a few minutes later after letting it warm up some, I found this:

I don’t know if it’s Tulley being afraid of my leaving her too or her being overly protective that she needs to be in the shower with me, but all week she has tried to get in and has sat by the door when she’s been unsuccessful. Monday after the run, I was about to take a shower when London got in (she needed one any ways) which left the door open for Tulley. There I was with a toddler and a pooch in my shower. Tulley got kicked out shortly after I got in – it was a bit crowded and I didn’t want to deal with wet kid and wet dog upon getting out. But all in all, makes for a pretty cute picture.

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