Sep 29, 2011

London’s 15-month Stats

In anticipation of our first trip to Disneyland with London in November, I recently was playing around on their web site to see which attractions she’d be able to go on. Amazingly, there are many, as there are no height restrictions to most of Disneyland’s attractions – California Adventure is about 50/50. We will avoid some of the longer attractions unless London’s attention span increases to more than 5 minutes – which I hope it does as I think she would like the Enchanted Tiki Room.

However, I was surprised to learn from this research, that Autopia has a 32” height restriction. I was half thinking there would be none and half thinking it should be higher. Being that London was almost 31” at her 1-year check-up I wasn’t too worried that she wouldn’t be 32” in November. My worries were completely erased after her 15-month old check-up this past Monday. The girl is not slowing down at all – I swear I throw more and more clothes into the “Doesn’t Fit” pile every day.

Here are her latest stats:

Height: 33 ¼” (well into the 100th percentile as usual and cleared for Autopia! If she passes 35” by November, she could possibly go on Gadget’s Go-Coaster. Too bad we’ll have to measure her at home. Her next appointment isn’t until after Christmas!)

Weight: 22.3 lbs (35th Percentile. At least she’s consistent and its not like she doesn’t eat – the day care jokes that she puts more away then the other 3 combined!).

Head Circumference: 17 ¾” (25th percentile – we know she got her daddy’s small head.)

The poor little bug has at least three of her four 1-year molars coming in right now. There could be a fourth, but I just can’t tell. London doesn’t like us looking in there or feeling around (I’ve been bitten on several occasions). Plus, she’s got a fourth tooth coming in on top in the front.

I have to admit, she’s still in good spirits most days and Advil definitely helps her sleep at night. With Cameron gone this week, I’ve had to resort to giving her the pacifier a few times just to get some much needed sleep myself. But, this has been in the middle of the night, so she still has no problem falling asleep without it.

Now if we can just make the switch from the bottle to the sippy cup. This is still an all out battle of wills – one of these days I’ve gotta stop giving in! Maybe when Cameron is back.

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