Sep 12, 2011

Hunting & Football Season is Back!

Today neither Tulley nor Cameron are moving too quickly or easily thanks to the weekend’s activities. For Cameron, Saturday involved Skydiving for the first time since the annual boogie at the end of June. Matt’s dad, Monty, was in town and the drop zone was holding a scramble, a type of fun competition where groups of four try to turn as many points while free-falling before needing to deploy their canopy. The team with the most points completed at the end of the day wins. The team Cameron was on lost by one point.

Meanwhile, back at home London played and napped while I cleaned and crafted with a quick outing with Lynde to Michael’s for some supplies. London was kind enough to take a 2-hour nap, sans binky so I was able to dig in and clean our bathroom. This pleased me as our bathroom often gets neglected for the more high-traffic areas of our house (aka Downstairs and the kitchen). I was also able to work on London’s Christmas stocking during this nap and after she went to bed Saturday night. I didn’t finish it in time for Christmas last year and didn’t pick it up again until July. The design is complete, just some outlining to finish up and then filling in the blank spaces with a midnight blue before it’s ready to be sewn into an actual stocking. I’m 75 percent confident this will be completed before Christmas this year.

Sunday was scheduled to be a busy day, but since Cameron had been skydiving Saturday, I’d requested some time Sunday morning to get a 4-mile run in. Changing the day of my run was the best thing I could have done. Saturday was hot and muggy – Sunday cool and breezy. Perfect running weather. Had we not had time-specific plans I probably would have extended it to a 6-mile run.

But Cameron’s step-sister, Dhawn, and our niece, Amanda, are visiting Vicki and Joe and there was a family BBQ scheduled for the afternoon. After my run, I could hear Cameron cheering on one of the football games downstairs while I got ready. I think he actually scared London at one point with his enthusiasm – I know he caught me off guard upstairs. I love this time of year when the weather is crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings and as many Sundays as we can manage are spent being lazy watching football. We kicked the season off Thursday night with a tri tip & barbeque rib dinner at Matt & Lynde’s. London even got to stay up past her 7:30 PM bedtime as we couldn’t leave in the middle of the game. She wasn’t too cranky the next day so we’ll see if she can handle it more often than not.

Because I had slept in Sunday before my run, we didn’t make it up to Vicki’s until noon – but I also needed the sleep. Luckily everyone else was at Vicki & Joe’s when we arrived. Cameron and his brother Alan settled into barbequing the pork ribs and chicken quickly. It was a nice family get-together with the cousins playing up a storm outside and the adults hanging out on the back porch or around the kitchen table catching up. Cameron had plans to go dove hunting with Dave later, so he’d brought some clay targets along for some shooting practice. Mostly he and Alan were out there, but I did fire one round and am proud to report that I hit my target – a clay that was stood up on the dirt. Cameron showed off his aim by hitting the clays as they were intended – flying through the air.

And then it was off to Chico. Dave was all loaded up and ready for Cameron and Tulley when we arrived. Poor Suzie, Dave’s dog and our surrogate dog before we got Mel and Tulley, is almost 10 years old now and couldn’t go with the boys – it was just too hot. Both shot their limit in dove and Tulley showed off her new retrieving talents. No more barking at the birds, though Cameron says she still needs some confidence in going out and finding the birds without Cameron walking her near the place the bird landed.

Back at Dave’s, London played with Dave’s boys Nathan and Nick while I chatted with Dave’s mom Nancy before Jen got back from Taste of Chico. London sat like a big girl at the table with the boys and ate 3 chicken nuggets and all her applesauce without my assistance. Luckily, I’d packed her PJs and was able to give her a bath at the Carlson’s while Cameron and Dave were out so she was ready for bed when they got back around 8 PM. We finally made it home around 10 PM with a little girl very ready for bed – she’d only slept part of the way. This morning she was a tad bit cranky, but not bad.

And we survived the weekend without a binky to help London sleep. I figured this would be an easy transition since she doesn’t sleep with one at daycare, but we weren’t too sure. Now to just get her off the bottle and into a sippy cup full time. This may be the bigger battle – she does fine with sippy cups at daycare and other people’s houses, but at home she will forgo a glass of milk if it isn’t in a bottle. Water in a sippy cup is no problem. It’s definitely a battle of wills and could be quite entertaining to an outsider watching London and I stand-off in the kitchen as she throws herself down in a tantrum as I just stand there, one hand on a hip, holding the sippy cup with milk in it in the other and stare her down. This battle began Friday as well – she has not had one glass of milk from a bottle except right before bed. This is a routine I’m not ready to break until she’s on the sippy cup at all other times without hesitation. It’s a calming & soothing for her and being without a binky at bedtime is enough for now. The rest of the battle rages on.

Between the heat and the fact that she hadn’t been hunting in a while, Tulley was pretty sore and slow this morning. After breakfast she went back up to bed to cuddle with Cameron – something she rarely does. Usually Tulley is right by my side the second I leave the bedroom in the morning next to me as I get London up and ready, right down to the moment London and I leave. Cameron was also moving gingerly by the time he crawled in bed last night. Between skydiving for the first time in months and all the rounds he fired yesterday, he stiff and sore as well.

And now begins our Fall and Winter, even is Fall is still technically 9 days away. I do love the changes in seasons and am ready for some cooler weather and the warm meals and snuggle opportunities it brings. with London getting more into cuddling in general, it should pan out to be an extra special Fall and Winter.

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