Sep 15, 2011

Girls Weekend in Tahoe

As I mentioned briefly in an earlier post, I recently went up to Tahoe for a Girls Weekend with a wonderful group of girls.

The weekend was coordinated by my ultimate childhood friend, Emily Moffett. I’ve literally known this amazing woman since I was born and have spent almost every Christmas Eve celebrating at her parents’ home in Chico. Her parents, Bonnie and Gene are a large reason why my parents moved us there when I was 15 months old, and why I got to grow up in such an amazing town. My dad made the decision to move us there sitting on a bench eating an ice cream cone outside Shubert’s in downtown Chico after biking there while we were all on a visit to see the Moffetts.

Any how, Emily had made arrangements for who ever wanted to come to spend a weekend at her parents’ cabin in Tahoe Donner. I jumped at the opportunity the second Emily started to plan the weekend, as my girlfriends had all just passed up the opportunity to go to Vegas and knowing Cameron would be taking a week to go hunting in Wyoming, I knew for my sanity I needed some time away from home and the chores that pile up there.

I’d met the other four girls attending this weekend through various activities leading up to Emily’s wedding last September and they are all a delight and fun to be around.

I was the last to arrive, thanks to a late start that Friday morning and the morons I had to deal with at the Natomas Safeway trying to get the makings for Saturday night’s dinner. Seriously, who still writes a check out where there is the ability to use debit cards any more? It had been decided via email that we would eat out Friday night and each of us would make a dish to eat in on Saturday.

We all ended up talking and catching up well past 8 PM before we finally headed out to dinner. And after we arrived I think we were all questioning our decision to go out – the hostess of the restaurant decided it would be a good idea to sit us next to a table of 6 or 7 ladies who were quite a few glasses of chardonnay in and most likely single, as they were flirting up a storm with the guys at the table across the aisle. The worst part was that our table and theirs were in a cove, so the noise they were making just bounced off the walls back into us. I could hardly hear myself think, much less try to hear what any one else at my table might be saying. Finally we were able to get our waiter’s attention (guess where his attention was!) and requested a change in seating. He obliged and we were reseated in a cozy corner across the restaurant. Overall the food was delicious and once we were able to hear each other we began to enjoy the dinner.

Saturday I was able to sleep in before heading out on a run with one of the girls, Katherine. The goal was to do 5 miles, but after 1.5 miles, I headed back to the cabin. The altitude and hills were definitely getting to me but I also run at a slow pace and was worried I was holding Katherine back. Hardly any body was up yet so I took advantage and jumped in the shower.

Once everyone was up and breakfast snacking had finished, we packed up lunch snacks, beverages, towels, chairs and put on our swimsuits to head for Donner Lake. We spent much of the afternoon sun bathing, talking and reading magazines before heading into downtown Truckee for a little shopping, where no one really purchased anything and just wandered around.

It was time for more relaxing back at the cabin and time for cooking! Boy did we eat like Queens that night. The first course consisted of assorted cheeses, grapes and crackers along with artichoke spinach dip, salsa and chips. The artichoke spinach dip was my first taste of a Skinny Taste restaurant and it was delicious!

From there we had chicken satay with several peanut sauces and then my noodle, cabbage and chicken salad. The main course included sliders made from grain-fed beef with blue cheese crumbles mixed into the meat, and sautéed onion and cheese on top, barbecued corn on the cob, macaroni au gratin and fresh heirloom tomatoes from Emily’s mother-in-law’s garden. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something as well. Did I mention we had the main course outside on the patio as the weather up in Tahoe that weekend was incredible, or that it took us 5 hours to eat it all (there were definitely leftovers that I brought home and Cameron indulged in).

When it was dark and a tad on the colder side temperature-wise, Emily got a fire started and for dessert we indulged in smores! We all went to bed after gabbing by the fire late into the night with full and indulged tummies! I'm definitely looking forward to the next trip, as we all agreed we should do this at least twice a year - once in the summer and once in the winter.

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