Sep 13, 2011

2011 New Year’s Resolutions Status Check

As I was flipping through my non-technical, paper calendar/notebook/organizational life, I happened upon my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions. My first thought was that I really need to move this document to the front of my calendar. It’s useless where it is – I don’t look at them often enough to remember all that I wrote down. Then I wondered how I was doing.

Resolution 1: Catching up on ALL of my Magazines
I’m almost caught up! I just need to get through my stack of September issues, which I started to tackled last Tuesday, and then I just have one extra October issue besides the normal number of magazines I get monthly. I’ve been most successful at this resolution thanks to my ½ hour lunches at work and by reading for 15-30 minutes before turning the lights out and falling asleep. I have found I sleep better on nights that I read a magazine, versus a novel like Harry Potter. The month I read Harry Potter 7 (just before the Part 2 movie came out) I had some outrageous dreams and sometimes read well past my bedtime.

Resolution 2: Eating Healthier Options, and adding Breakfast to the line up and establish a Consistent Workout Routine
I’m happy to report that I’m on track here, too. I’m better when I’m at work, as I have to make my lunch or spend my whole lunch driving into Natomas to pick something up. I pack breakfast with my lunch so this important meal doesn’t get forgotten either. But on weekends I tend to get distracted and forget the breakfast part of this resolution. I’ve also just started Weight Watchers in hopes of shedding some pounds, which has made me very cognizant of my eating choices and how much I eat. After one day on the program I very quickly realized why I wasn’t losing weight before.

Getting my thyroid medicine adjusted has probably helped as well – getting food poisoning over Labor Day weekend did not. I ended up taking a week off from Weight Watchers while my stomach went back to normal. I did lose about 3 pounds the first two weeks of the program, and that included a weekend I did not keep track of as I was with a bunch of wonderful women who all love food. Luckily, they turned me on to a new web site chock full of recipes that include the Weight Watchers Point value! Check it out:

Getting back on a program for weight loss should hopefully get Cameron and me back into planning our meals on a weekly basis as well. We were doing well with this until I started working full time as I am no longer able to get to the grocery store two days a week like I had been doing when I was only part time.

Running and training for half marathons have helped me achieve the workout routine resolution. My next half marathon is October 2. Before that, Cameron and I will be participating in the NorCal Tough Mudder, a 10-mile obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. This is taking place Sunday up at Squaw Valley. I’m sure a lengthy blog post will be coming as a result, once my arms are functioning again. The course calls for a lot of upper body strength that I possess little of.

Resolution 3: Decorating
My goals in decorating are not on track. Originally, I’d wanted to complete the family room, powder room and both bathrooms. Some of the reason why this resolution is not on track has to do with London – she’s just too mobile now and I just can’t trust myself to keep an eye on her while I work on such projects. Also, Cameron and my priorities in decorating have shifted.

The family room is almost complete. We added an entertainment center recently so all we need to do is add some throw pillows and do some paint touch ups. The throw pillows likely will come once HomeGoods opens in Folsom in October. Or maybe I’ll get around to making some.

The Powder room has been painted, though it is in need of some touch-ups. Cameron’s even cut a frame for the mirror which I finished painting a few weekends ago, so now we just need to get it up. After that, all that would be left to do is find a piece of art (or make something) for the wall the door opens into. That’s not a huge priority currently. If we can get the mirror frame up, and do the paint touch-ups, I’ll check this one off my list.

The other two bathrooms are probably going to have to wait until 2012. Maybe some paint will get up, as we do have paint swatches all over and I have decided on a color, but there are some major changes I want to make that I know we just can’t get done this year. In both bathrooms I want to take down the large wall mirrors over the sinks and replace with smaller, individual mirrors over each sink. That requires paying for some labor to take the mirrors down and possibly having some drywall fixed afterward, depending on how easily the mirrors come down. Not to mention the texture we would need added to the where the mirrors are to match the rest of the walls. I’d prefer to do the painting after these mirrors have been removed and the walls have been texturized. In London’s bathroom I also want to add some wainscoting which takes more money and time then I am ready to invest in it right now. With the holidays fast approaching more time will be devoted to crafts than household projects.

We also turned our painting projects back toward the arched walkways in our house and the walls that support them. When we moved into the house we painted the one that separates the kitchen and family room a beautiful olive green and have since decided to paint every arch-wall this color, minus the one in our bedroom. That left 2 walls to paint – one of which we completed before London’s birthday and after we painted the power room the same olive green. All that is left is the largest wall in our house – behind it is our bedroom, closet and laundry room. With football season beginning I think Sundays will be good days to set aside for my craft projects and this painting project. I can leave Cameron to play with London downstairs with football on while I get things done upstairs. We’ll see how well this plan pans out by the end of the year.

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