Aug 10, 2011

A Complete Nightmare

I don’t even know where to begin. Two Mondays ago (July 25th) London started at her new day care. We knew it would be an adjustment for her. What can you expect? She’s only a year old and has had one on one attention since birth. But she’s never shied away from playing in the midst of big groups of kids. Of course, we or someone she loves and trusts has always been there watching over. The only issue she’s ever had with other kids was when a few of her well-meaning cousins got too close – literally inches away - to her face. But she’s even better about these instances, though we definitely discourage them too. There’s no need to be that close.

Around 2:30 PM on Wednesday, July 27th, I received a call from Miss Victoria. Alarmed, she assured me London was ok. Then she quickly jumped into her spiel about how London was too needy and overly stressed, and how she couldn’t give London the attention she needed to adjust to the new situation. Oh, and she mentioned how it was causing issues with the rest of the daycare – several times. Without saying it directly, she was throwing us out – we needed to find alternative care. I couldn’t concentrate after the phone call so I ran home. If Miss Victoria didn’t want our baby around, there was no way in hell we were going to have London there any longer than was necessary for us to get home and pick her up.

I’ve since talked to several daycare facilities and providers. All think it is absurd that after less than three days Miss Victoria was throwing in the towel on our little girl. Some have even gone so far as to say London’s reaction was quite healthy and natural. She’d quickly figured out that Victoria was the person in charge and she bonded to her. Apparently, wanting to be with Miss Victoria at all times was too much and too clingy.

All London wanted was some reassurance that she was ok. It was going to take some time for her to adjust to the other kids, the activity that went on there, etc. Plus, on Thursday, Cameron discovered that London had three new teeth coming in. London always gets cuddly when she gets teeth – she’s in pain and not feeling 100 percent.

Cameron ended up taking that Thursday off, and I took Friday. My mom has been the saving grace driving from Tucson to be here last week and this week. Poor London is totally mixed up. While she has been very happy to have the attention and to have her grandma here, she has also gotten wildly upset when I leave for work, or when Cameron and I left to go out to dinner for our anniversary last week. It just breaks my heart and makes me wish I could be home with her every day.

Hopefully we’ve found a good new day care. I don’t know when we’ll start as the provider is waiting to have her license capacity increased – she expects this to be completed this week. We’re crossing our fingers that this is the case and that it ends up being a better fit for us. We do have a second choice that we know has room for London which we will go with if we can’t be guaranteed a start date of August 22nd. Mom goes home this weekend and our friend Kim has graciously offered to watch London next week if we need it.

Between the stress of finding a new daycare, taking time off and looking for a new daycare, we’ve been stressed to say the least. Add in that we had to fight tooth and nail to get most of our money back from Miss Victoria for the services she did not provide, we’re fried.

One highlight from all of this is that Cameron was able to pick up Tulley from the trainer on the Thursday he took off so at least we have the whole family back together. We definitely needed our annual trip to Fort Bragg this past weekend too. More to come on that trip soon.

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