Jul 25, 2011

A Week of Ups and Downs

We’ve been having strange luck in our house since my traffic accident just over a week ago. Of course, the accident itself was a down moment, a big one. The ups from it have been that there wasn’t as much damage to the Malibu as we thought and the work has been completed earlier than expected - we got the car back on Friday.

Enter Tuesday at noon when Lauren called to say her back was really hurting, enough that she had scheduled herself to see the doctor the next day to have a procedure that would hopefully remedy the pain until London started her new daycare on August 15th. That afternoon we scrambled some to cover childcare for the rest of the week, as we wanted to give Lauren the rest of the week and weekend to heal before three more weeks of childcare. Another big down moment for us. I ended up staying home Wednesday, working a few hours when London was napping and after she went to bed. I then drove to Yuba City before work Thursday to drop London off with Vicki, who took her overnight so childcare was covered for Thursday and yesterday.

The upside? When I got home from work on Tuesday, I found that Miss Victoria, the new daycare provider, had left a message saying space had opened up and London could start with her today! Definitely what I needed to hear after seeing Lauren in visible pain when we picked up London that night. Since I was home Wednesday I was able to drive to the pediatrician’s office to pick up London’s immunization card which I took to Miss Victoria when I picked up London’s enrollment packet that evening.

With London at her Grammy’s Thursday night, Cameron and I took advantage and had a date night, fulfilling our desire for KFC for dinner and catching the last Harry Potter movie. The movie was great, although I did have some issues with how they deviated from the book. Doesn’t help I recently re-read the book in anticipation of the movie. When I explained what was missing to Cameron, he agreed they should have left those parts in. But still, another up.

Another down came Wednesday night when Cameron came in with some rather disappointing news. He’d been trying to confirm Tulley’s pickup date this week from the trainer. Having her gone for the last two months has really worn on us and we can hardly wait to get her back. Well, Cameron heard back. The trainer said she wouldn’t be ready until the end of August or even September! At least Cameron got some enjoyment of my constant “NO” whines and my tears of disappointment. Yes, I was so upset, I cried, a little.

The downers of the week didn’t end there. It always seems to happen that accidents happen in twos for us. After I got in my fender bender with my Malibu when we first got it – the moment I was literally driving it home from the body shop, Cameron was rear-ended in the Tahoe. No damage was done to the Tahoe, just to the car of the driver that caused the accident. No problem back then. When Cameron was in an accident similar to mine in the Tahoe a year or two later, it would be followed not so much by another car accident, but the car not working properly three miles away from picking it up from the body shop – we'd have to turn around immediately, pickup the rental car again and wait another week or so for the car to be fixed completely – it never did drive the same after that. All these accidents have not been our fault.

Until yesterday. This time it was Cameron who rear-ended a car. And he was driving the rental on his way to pick up the Malibu! Very little damage occurred and no one was hurt, minus Cameron’s pride. He feels a bit sheepish but at the same time feels it wasn't completely his responsibility, but does take responsibility for it. He was in a lane that turns right into its own lane but still requires some yeilding. He’d seen the car in front of him moving forward and thought it was on its way after yielding, so he turned to look at traffic coming his way to confirm he was good to go. As he started to make the turn he quickly found out the other car had stopped - passed the sidewalk and well into the lane they were turning into. More damage could have been done, but the other car had probably started to pull forward and moving along, just Cameron had a little more speed on her. He joked it was the one time the rental car decided to have a little punch as it accelerated. Honestly the thing didn't have any get up and go in it at all.

And we thought we were ending the week on an up moment. Cameron had emailed the trainer back for clarification on Tulley – why was it suddenly 1-2 months more and would we need to pay more? We really can’t afford it right now, given the car accidents with at least one deductible that will not be refunded, and added expense of starting the daycare sooner than expected (gotta love deposits. Why is daycare like renting an apartment, with first and last week’s daycare fees needed upfront?). After some phone tag, it has been determined that we would be bringing Tulley home this week after all, or so we thought. The trainer called this morning that he forgot that he's going to be away this weekend so Cameron can't go and get her until next Tuesday. At least she'll be back in time to go to Fort Bragg with us. Good thing we keep these trips on the cheap when we go to Fort Bragg or we wouldn’t even be doing that this year.

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