Jul 12, 2011

Splish Splashing Away

Summer has finally arrived (minus the one day a couple of weeks ago that it rained)! Temperatures have been on and off soaring, hitting triple digits a few times. We have our AC on during the days when Cameron is home, and window shades and curtains are closed, ceiling fans humming when we’re home. At night the windows are open and we have a box fan running in our room at night if the Delta breeze makes an appearance.

Lucky for London she loves the water – hot or cold. For her birthday, her grandparents got her a water table to splash around with and her Grammy got her an inflatable infant pool.

The last weekend of June, while Cameron was off skydiving, I decided we should try out at least one of these new toys. So after her nap on that Saturday, I put on London’s new yellow bathing suit (a birthday gift from her Great-Auntie Maryanne) and loaded her down with sunscreen before heading outside for 20 minutes of water fun.

I’m obsessive when it comes to protecting my baby from sunburn. She unfortunately got my pale complexion. I put SPF 40 lotion all over her arms, legs, back and chest before the swimsuit even goes on, and then I spray her head with SPF 50 since the stinker won’t keep a hat on. Doesn’t make for very stylish pics, but at least I know I have done all I can to keep her protected. If we had shade in the backyard I’d make sure she stayed under it. And I limit how long she does spend outside at that – if it’s over an hour, more sunscreen goes on or we go inside. And since she likes water so much, London doesn’t mind a bath after sun fun to get the sunscreen off.

We’d originally set up the water table after London’s birthday, so I decided it was time to take it outside and out of my living room! With her little swimshoes on (a fantastic gift from the Carlsons) we headed out to splish splash away.

I set the table up in the grass. London was a bit hesitant walking in the shoes at first, and then even more hesitant about walking in the grass. Strange – at her birthday part she had no qualms running in the grass barefoot. I’d find out later that Lauren lets her walk around on her porch but not on the grass. London was just doing as she was taught. After I picked her up and placed her next to the table, London went to town splashing in the water and playing with the different toys and dismantling the iceberg slide for the toy penguin. At one point she tried to climb onto the table. I quickly grabbed her and lifted her in. Have I mentioned she’s trying to climb…everything!

We definitely need to try the inflatable pool soon. We just need to dig out our tarp so it can sit on the bark safely without risk of being popped. We don’t want to put it on the grass as this may kill the grass (we learned how quickly this can happen after putting some flagstones on the grass for a day before moving them into their final path position. Luckily, the grass came back quickly). And we don’t want to put it on the cement for fear London will slip and hurt herself. We might need to consider adding a hard plastic wading pool as well, considering Tulley will probably want to join in all this water fun when she's back home for good.

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