Jul 26, 2011

A Rough Start

We’d hope London was independent enough to handle the switch in daycare well. She’s always been a go getter, marching into a room with a bunch of children like it means nothing, usually more curious than scared of the situation.

When I dropped her off at daycare yesterday for her first day with Miss Victoria, she was the first child to arrive. Miss Victoria’s children weren’t even up. London jumped out of my arms and went straight for the toys on the floor and didn’t even give me a hug goodbye as I left – she headed over to where Miss Victoria was standing to investigate what she was doing. Miss Victoria said she would try to call during naptime – all depending on how naptime went for all the kids.

I didn’t receive a call, but I wasn’t worried. Of course I was curious, but I wasn’t worried. Everyone has said what an easy child London is to care for. Of course this is all from people who are with London 1 on 1.

When Victoria saw me as she opened the door, she face fell a little. She had been dreading telling me how rough the day went but knew honesty was the best policy. London would not leave the poor woman’s side all day – even to let her use the bathroom! It’s good that she had quickly identified Miss Victoria as her caretaker, but not that she’s so bonded to her that she throws herself down to the ground in a huge tantrum when she is not getting her undivided attention.

Victoria explained that all day she did her best to reassure London that she was ok. London did love going outside, so much so that she became upset when she had to go back in. London also had her first experience with art, making a handprint butterfly which is now proudly displayed on our fridge. Apparently Victoria and Miss D has some trouble getting this art project complete as London was more interested in playing with the paint in her hands. Guess its time to start some art projects at home too. Unfortunately, naptime didn’t go very well, not that I expected it to. London refused to close her eyes, no matter how tired she was, as she was afraid she was going to miss something. And she didn’t like it when Victoria was rubbing another child’s back to help them sleep. I believe she said London crawled into her lap.

When she saw me at the door, London just sort of stood there as if in shock that I’d come back for her, than ran over and reached her arms out to be picked up. She was a bit fussy and quite tired the rest of the evening at home, not that we expected anything less given her progress report.

Cameron and I are now tasked with not picking London up whenever she wants us to, particularly when we are in the middle of doing something, like eating or cooking dinner and following Victoria’s lead by reassuring her that she’s ok.

I guess its going to be a matter of time before London adjusts to being around a bunch of kids and not getting undivided attention from the person watching her. She’s definitely one smart cookie though. This morning when I dropped her off at Miss Victoria, as we walked up to the door she clung a little tighter than normal to me and was not so quick to get down out of my arms to play with the toys she spotted on the ground. When I headed for the door, she threw herself down onto the floor and started to cry. I told her she was ok and that everything was alright as I closed the door behind me. I could hear Victoria trying to distract her through the open windows. I can only hope the first meltdown of the day was short and that she has fewer than yesterday.

We’ll see what kind of report we get tonight.

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