Jul 27, 2011

London’s First Birthday

No, we didn’t forget to celebrate London’s 1st Birthday! We’ve just been so busy with life that it’s taken me a while to get to this blog post – and all the Thank you notes I just wrote and mailed!

We held the big party on June 18th, the day before Father’s Day. We could have done it over London's birthday weekend, but this was a better weekend for my parents to come out (plus I’d get to see my dad on Father’s Day).

The theme was Pink Lemonade. While London’s Auntie Em wasn’t able to attend she graciously designed and made all the invitations as well as all the decorations. She’s quite the talented crafter and graphic designer. She was able to read my mind in what my needs would be for the decorations and after a few emails and clip art graphics from me, turned my idea into reality beyond my capabilities and dreams. Between the tissue paper pom poms, straws, food cards, cupcake toppers, birthday banner and hat, London’s birthday was one festive party.

London with her Grandpa at the party

And it turns out, the theme was spot on – the child loves to eat lemons! Whenever we’re at a restaurant and order water, we always ask for sliced lemons to go with the water. One day London acted interested in the lemon, so we gave her a sample. We didn’t get the face we expected and before we knew it, she’d eaten the whole slice! Since then, whenever there is a lemon slice nearby, you can expect London to be chewing on it. Now and then we get the classic sour face, but not as often as you would expect, and she always goes back for more!

London showing off how big she is and how she can drink through a straw!

I decided on a tea-themed luncheon menu, with tea sandwiches and salads dominating the table, along with cupcakes (for the kids) and a 6-layer colorful cake (for the adults). With my parents coming into town Thursday night, Cameron and I did all the shopping Wednesday and I took Friday off from work to prep all the food and spend time with my parents. Our friend Alyssa was kind enough to lend a helping hand that day as well.

Cake Time!

For the first time, I was pretty on top of things, getting food out before too many guests had arrived, though not in time to get my hair done. But, making it to my Sacfit session the morning of the party was well worth not having my hair done.

Hanging with Grammy

Only about half the people we invited were able to come, which was fine, as we still had a full house. There were kids running around with squirt guns in the backyard and little ones playing with all of London’s toys around the ankles of the adults inside. It was hard to believe how many kids were actually there. I think above the age of 4 we had six and below age 4 we had five! Next year there will be even more with Alyssa expecting.

London's first introduction to cake and icing

The day definitely reminded me of my birthdays as a kid. There was always the party for my school friends and I, but then there was often a party for the adults and family friends on another day or later that day. And it’s always good to see so many friends together and know how much our daughter is loved.

Give me that cupcake Grandpa! I think we created a monster.

London seemed to enjoy herself. She didn’t even fuss when a friend’s granddaughter, who was 17 months old, pushed her out of her Princess ride along. She just moved on to other things and people. It was only at the end of the day when all the little ones had left, but there were still a few big kids running around the backyard that London desperately wanted to join the party out there. But it was wet, and when she’d been out there earlier she was slipping so we felt she was better off inside.

Mommy & London

To top it off, London was beyond cute in her birthday outfit.

Wasn't her outfit adorable!

The little rascal made out on gifts. W had divided many between our house and Lauren’s and even taken a few to Matt & Lynde’s so she has something to play with when we go over there. Of course, all the toys that were taken to Lauren's are now back at our house and I have yet to find places for them all.

Daddy & Baby

We haven’t even taken out all the gifts Cameron and I bought for London. The only reason one made it out is that she found it. Not that it was hard to find, hiding behind the mirrored closet doors from Cameron’s office that have been sitting in our loft for two years. And not that they need to be hidden all that well yet. We’re thinking we may just hold onto those toys for Christmas, take them back and get different ones for Christmas or use the money toward sippy cups. We’ll see.

Opening gifts the next morning

Sunday I got to spend a little time with my parents before taking them to the airport. Cameron wanted to spend Father's Day playing paint ball and skydiving, so it was just London and I playing with all the new toys. This was definitely a nice and relaxing day after the day before, plus the new toys kept London busy enough for me to get a lot of the clean-up completed.

This is what was left of the birthday cake

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