Jul 19, 2011

4th of July

The three days for the 4th of July holiday were not long enough with our Tulley. It was so nice to have her home. London squealed when she saw her and whenever possible, petted and cuddled with her doggy. Unfortunately, with the heat, Tulley wasn’t too interested in cuddling with us on the bed at night. She’d start out on the bed but by morning, she was on the floor.

Her first night home, Tulley was a little stand-offish, like she was confused. She knew it was home, but at the same time seemed to feel out of place. When we gave her dinner, she wouldn’t eat, although she was staring at it and drooling. We gave her the ok several times, but she still wouldn’t, so I ended up hand feeding her some of it.

By morning, that weirdness was over. She was back to her normal self, scarfing down breakfast as soon as she was given the ok. We’d also given her and Melody each a rawhide bone to chew on that first night. I remembered seeing these two bones on the floor of the family room when I went up to bed that night. By morning, both bones were in our bedroom. Sometime in the night Tulley had gone downstairs and grabbed them, probably at the same time, as this is what she did when she brought them back down on Saturday. She did this with her head down, as I was watching and she knew she'd been caught – she’s not supposed to wander the house at night while we are asleep. I wonder how often she actually does?

Since we had Tulley home, we didn’t want to stray too far for the weekend’s festivities, but Sunday found us in Biggs for a few hours since our nephew Christian’s birthday was being celebrated by the family. We would have taken Tulley with us, but decided it was too hot – she’d much prefer the AC at home. London hadn’t been able to take good naps during the day so we didn’t stay long enough to light some small fireworks. But we also didn’t get home in time to go see the Rancho Cordova fireworks that night. Our town has a fireworks display on both the 3rd and 4th.

We headed over to Matt & Lynde’s in the afternoon of the actual 4th, where Tulley palled around with Cody and London played in their small wading pool (originally meant for Cody to keep cool). Lynde’s and my feet found their way into the pool as well, it was so hot. After barbequing some tri-tip, we packed up and headed to the night’s fireworks show.

This would be London’s first real fireworks show and we were curious how she’d react. With our trip to Disneyland planned for November, we’d like to take in the park’s fireworks, but wouldn’t want to risk her not liking it and getting stuck in the crowds. Last year we didn’t go to an professional show, but lit fireworks in front of Cameron’s sister’s house, which I watched from inside, holding a sleeping London.

London did great. Not once did she cry, although she did seem a little unsure at the beginning. She also went back and forth on wanting Cameron, then me to hold her before deciding my arms were the place to be. I did my best to reassure her it was alright, by pointing at the fireworks and sayings in a soothing tone “how pretty”. The finale also got her a little as I could feel her grip on me tighten, but still no cries. My prediction is she will do great during Disneyland fireworks, especially because they play music along with the shows to set the mood.

Only time will tell.

Cameron took Tulley back on the 5th. She’s scheduled to be gone pretty much through the end of July. Cameron is trying to confirm as we speak. The hope is that she's back in time to go to Fort Bragg with us for our Anniversary. We're going to stay at our usual motel and will be bringing London and Melody along as well.

The only bad thing about her whole visit home were the 5 Brown Dog ticks we pulled off of her. Gross! Just a reminder that we need to check her head to toe when we bring her home again and whenever we have her out in the grasses. The trainer said these wet springs have caused an increase in the tick population. He had taken a dog out for an hour’s worth of training and pulled off 29 ticks afterward! At least we know he’s being good about checking Tulley too.

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