Jun 30, 2011

Tulley Update

On Monday, Cameron finally got an email back from the dog trainer Tulley is with currently. Apparently his modem had died and it took a while to replace it. Understandable, since he pretty much lives in the middle of nowhere. Cameron had emailed to see about arranging a visit for us this weekend and to see how she’s progressing in her training.

Tulley is doing great. She’s doing very well both with obedience and hunting commands. Plus, she loves birds now! She’s doing so well in fact, that the trainer thinks it would be fine if we wanted to bring her home for this holiday weekend instead of just visiting for an hour or two. Yippee!

The original plan was for me to go pick her up tomorrow after work, but Cameron can't wait that long and will be heading up there after a 1 PM meeting in Sacramento instead. He'll then take her back Tuesday, since he’s lucky enough to have the day off.

Three full days of Doggy love and cuddles. What are we going to do with ourselves? It seems like she’s been gone for so long already. We are a bit worried of how she will react to coming home. Will she be excited? Will she think she’s in trouble? Or will we be in trouble for sending her away? And then, how is she going to react when Cameron drops her back off at the training facility?

We also wonder how London will react to having her dog around again. It’s definitely evident that she misses Tulley. London more and more is trying to get Jake to play with her. Poor Jake can’t get a minutes peace when London is around, chasing him from chair to chair and over the baby gate several times a night. Jake will be happy just for the peace that he should get with Tulley's return, as long as she doesn’t pester him to much to play with her.

Melody and Kelsey will probably not be all too happy with Tulley’s return. Melody has enjoyed being the only dog again. And Kelsey won’t like that she has to share her bed with Tulley (she hardly likes sharing it with us!).

Cameron and I on the other hand, can hardly wait for tomorrow night to get here. Gonna make for one long Friday at work. It’s like Christmas in July!

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