Jun 6, 2011

Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen foundation’s Sacramento affiliate always hosts its annual Race for the Cure on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, which is also the weekend of or right after my birthday and the one I always celebrate my birthday on. This year the race coincided with my actual 30th birthday.

But that wasn’t an excuse for me to not do the race and support a cause that is important to me.

I’d originally planned on running the 3.1 miles of this year’s race. The distance seemed like nothing compared to the half marathon I ran the week before. But I was still feeling pain in my knee and walking around in high heels at work all week had not helped it heal any. Cameron mentioned that he might want to go skydiving that morning and if I ran we would need a babysitter. Knowing plenty of people are out there walking with their young kids in strollers, I decided to power walk the race route with London in her little umbrella stroller. She seems to like walks, as long as we’re actually moving, any way.

There we were at 7:30 AM on my birthday, dressed in our pink waiting for the race to begin. London got a little upset with the waiting but a nice lady standing next to us, wearing a survivor shirt, helped me keep her entertained with rounds and rounds of peek-a-boo and her binky.

London Waiting for Her First Race to Start!

Around 8:05 we finally counted down from 10 and set off out on the course. We power walked our way past many of the 20,000 participants to complete the course in under an hour, though we had one casualty – we lost the binky somewhere around the 2-mile marker. Oh well.

After catching a quick breakfast at the finish line, we wandered the exhibition booths a little on our way out. Before heading home, we asked another participant to take a picture of us in front of one of the golden Cal Expo bears wearing a pink scarf as proof of our morning.

I really enjoyed doing the walk with London and think I’ll make the Race a nice Birthday/Mother’s Day tradition for us as long as she’ll do it with me.

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