Jun 9, 2011

My First Mother’s Day

The plan for my first Mother’s day was to go with Cameron and London to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as we’ve missed being as close to the aquarium as we used to be and can hardly wait to take London there. She likes the Zoo, but movement is what gets her attention, and she loved the aquarium at the Moffetts’ on Christmas Eve so much, that we just know she’ll fall for the aquarium like we have. We’ll probably get season passes once she’s a bit older.

And that was the plan until our friends, the Fosters, showed up for my birthday celebration the day before. Jeff works for a company that sponsors the San Jose Sharks and one of the perks to that are tickets to the games. Employees get to put in for a lottery and often times Cameron has gone with our friend Pat, who works for the same company, when he’s won tickets. Jeff won them this time and offered the tickets to us as a birthday gift! The game was on Mother’s Day and it would be Game 5in the second round of playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings. San Jose was leading the series 3 to 1. All they needed to do was win this game and they’d be on to the conference finals and one round away from the Stanley Cup finals.

Cameron was on the phone immediately to his mom to see if she’d watch London. Of course she would. Now, remember, Mother’s Day morning we got to sleep in as London was two doors down at Lauren’s. When I got up and over there to pick London up, she was asleep so I decided to leave her there until she woke up or we had to leave for Yuba City. London arrived 15 minutes short of us having to wake her. We whisked her off to Yuba City where Vicki was having lunch with Cameron’s stepbrother, James’ family. And then we were off to the game.

No in-person Sharks game at home is complete without walking past the old man that plays rally songs on the Trumpet underneath the Highway, and always has his pet black bunny on a leash with him.

The game was great and it looked like the Sharks had the game in the bag until they lost in the last period. The Red Wings would come from behind to win the game 4-3. Bummer.

But, it was an afternoon game so Cameron and I had time to go have a late dinner at our old sushi restaurant in Fremont that we miss so much. I should say missed, as they’ve changed the menu, and possibly ownership, as the prices have gone up and one of our favorite rolls wasn’t even close to the same and another was missing Cameron’s favorite part, tiny smelt roe that crunches and pops in your mouth. By the time we made it home, we were pooped and went straight to bed. We’d pick London up from Vicki and have a nice dinner for all of our birthday’s in Yuba City the next night.

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