Jun 9, 2011

My 30th Birthday

I’d planned on heading to Lowe’s and Safeway before coming home from the Race for the Cure the morning of my 30th birthday, but when I got to the car I saw I had a text message from Cameron asking me to call him when London and I were done. Turned out, he hadn’t gone skydiving and wanted to run the errands with us. Perfect – he could help me get ice at Walgreens as well.

London was asleep when we arrived home, so it took me a couple of trips from the car to the front door before I looked down toward the kitchen and saw the fresh flowers my wonderful husband had bought for me that morning. When I actually made it into the kitchen is when I saw my real birthday gift – a new laptop! I’d been complaining for several months that the old laptop (a hand-me down from Cameron after he’d completed his Master’s degree) was not working well. It was almost 6 years old and couldn't hold a battery charge to save its life. Not to mention it would stall out for no real reason and the only way to get power from the power cord was to wrap it up and over the screen, pull tight and secure underneath the laptop.

The new laptop was a beautiful sight, and Cameron added a nice touch with a flower sitting on it, which I would learn later, had fallen victim from trasnporting the flowers home.

But there was no time to play as we had errands to run and things to do before company arrived that afternoon. At Lowe’s I got more flowers, but these were for planting in two planters on our patio and our one wine barrel that has failed to keep a grape vine alive in it (we stopped trying after two casualties). Safeway had the last ingredients for my favorite pasta salad.

Once back at home we set out to get all the last minute cleaning completed, drinks on ice, as well as the planting and pasta salad done, before getting cleaned up ourselves. Cameron had to ran back to Walgreens to get more ice just before the party, which is of course when he discovered the power was out in the family room again. Luckily I wasn’t born in winter-time so the need for lights in that room for the day was low and we wouldn’t be watching TV.

Before we knew it many of our friends were arriving. We had a great time at the BBQ, getting a huge laugh when our friends Kim & Pat’s daughter Paige, 2, walked into Tulley’s crate. She was quickly followed by London and then Kim and Pat’s older daughter, Kaley, 6. We locked them in there long enough to get some great photos. London was walking around like crazy during the party - I think seeing Paige walking around inspired her.

When London’s bed time rolled around, I walked her over to Lauren’s for an overnight. Lauren had offered to take her for the evening so we could go to the bars, stay out late and sleep in. It was so nice to let loose down at The Streets of London in downtown Sac with no worries. Cameron and I also took advantage of the sleeping in part as best we could before we had to get going Mother’s Day morning. Tune in soon for that story!

All in all, I had a wonderful 30th birthday and love starting a new chapter in my life. I’m exactly where I had wanted to be, with a loving husband and darling daughter. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.

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