May 18, 2011

Sleeping Through the Night

At 10 months old, London was still getting up 1-2x per night, after 10 PM. We put her down at 7 PM, so really, she was waking up 2-3x a night. And while we were fine with the 10 PM feedings, as we are normally still up at that time, the other feedings were wearing us out.

When I wasn’t working this wasn’t so bad because I could always nap when London napped after a particularly rough night. But now she was waking up not to eat but just to cry unless we were holding her.

So on a Friday night, we decided we were done. We let London cry it out, going so far as to set up the air mattress downstairs, without any monitor. Saturday night we started out in our bed again, with the air mattress on stand-by just in case. London woke up and cried a little but fell asleep again before we were forced to move. Sunday night she slept until about 5 AM, and cried loud and long, enough for us to retreat downstairs.

For a week, she slept through the night with maybe a cry or two here or there, but not loud and not long enough to move us downstairs. Then she got sick from thebinky snatching which upset the new routine. We went through the process again once she was better and we've been somewhat successful, though with two new teeth coming in, we've had to get up a few times to administer numbing gel.

I think we're close to more restful nights than sleepless nights. Keeping our fingers crossed. Now if we can just get her to sleep in past 6:30 AM on weekends!

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