May 19, 2011

London’s First Easter

Put this one in the books as the first holiday that London was sick on. Poor little girl came down with a fever and runny nose the Thursday before Easter. Although, London has no one to blame but herself, since she was so good at binky snatching the previous Monday while we toured a potential daycare location. Reminds me why I like having her receive 1 on 1 time with her caretakers – she’s not constantly exposed to all the germs going around.

Is it really ok for me to take this off the table?

London being sick made us adjust our Easter plans. We didn’t go up to Vicki’s to spend time with the family as we’d planned. Instead, we had a lazy day at home, taking a nice little stroll around the neighborhood before heading over to Matt & Lynde’s to have our new traditional Easter dinner: homemade pizza.

Hmm...what is this?

I know London didn’t know it was Easter and has no clue who the Easter bunny is but I couldn’t resist putting together a little Easter basket for her anyway. She was quite interested in it when I put it on the coffee table so she could explore what was inside. I bought the “Pat The Bunny” book along with another touch & feel book about Easter, some pureed peaches and Apricots with other mixed fruit and a bunny-headed silky under-sided security blanket.

C'mon Mom, help!

So far, London likes throwing around the packaged foods and opening and closing the books, but not so interested in touching the things inside. The security blanket bunny is great for a few rounds of peek-a-boo, which London has started doing on her own.

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