Apr 21, 2011

A Wedding in Reno

On April 2, 2011 our friends Aaron and Nicole tied the knot at the Peppermill in Reno. We couldn’t be happier for the couple and we were looking forward to celebrating with them on their honeymoon in Cancun (they invited any one who was interested). We had planned to head up to Reno the day of the wedding and head home that same night, though we knew this would be hard given there would be people there we hadn’t seen in a while and for the fact that its always fun when a big group of our friends get together. But we had things to do at home, including packing, and we needed to be at the airport around 1 PM to pick up my parents who were coming in to watch London for the week. Vicki and Joe had come down for the day and night to watch London while we were in Reno for the wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Moe

Of course that is not what happened. While sitting with friends at the Fireside Lounge, drinking Infernos, we knew we didn’t want to go home any time too soon and our time to depart was quickly approaching. We determined that’ some things didn’t need to get done before we left, so Cameron texted his mom to see if she was fine with us coming home in the morning. Thankfully, she was.

Drinking the Inferno

We started our vacation that night. Of course, when we went to get a room at 2 AM we were quite surprised to learn the Peppermill was booked. They told us the Silver Legacy and El Dorado had rooms, so we headed that way. We only made it a block – that’s when I saw the Motel 6 sign advertising rooms for $35.99. Why not, all we needed was a clean bed and shower? The place was pretty packed so we were a bit surprised that they were offering a normally $90 room for half price. But we weren’t going to question it.

This most of us all crammed in an elevator
The next morning we laughed at the fact that we looked like we were doing the walk of shame back to the car, being that we were still in our clothes from the night before. We made it back with plenty of time to get most things done around the house, pack, pick up my parents and have a nice dinner with them, before my dad drove the Moes and us to the airport.

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