Apr 21, 2011

The New Little Pickle Monster

Pickles are a staple in our house. We buy the huge jars at Costco, two or three at a time. So it was only a matter of time before London caught on. That she did. Right around the time she started to like solid foods (beginning of February). One day while Cameron was eating a pickle, she crawled over in curiosity. He offered her a taste. We got the cutest quizzical face out of her, but she went back for more.

She’s now hooked. The second she realizes one of us has a pickle, she comes cruising on over for a taste. She used to always make a funny face at first taste, before going back for more but sadly, the funny face is gone. Luckily, we did catch it on camera once, when we’d given her a slice of pickle in one of her mesh binkies.

We just had to share it with you. She also now cruises on over the second she sees me bring out the hummus or when I’m eating an apple. Her interest in food has definitely grown.

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