Apr 27, 2011

House Troubles

Ever since we moved into our house, we have had some leaking issues with our windows in the family room and the sliding door out to the backyard during strong-winded storms. There is no rhyme or reason to which will leak during a storm, but each major storm, we’ve had one or more leak. We’ve had the warranty company out to our home several times, and have even had people come out and try to recreate the leaks with a hose several times. Not once during these recreations have these people been able to get a window to leak.

With our house backing up to a large, open field, we don’t get any break from the wind during a storm. We have mini-tornadoes in our backyard when the wind is strong – it comes over the fence and hits the top of the house, pushes down to the ground and then off the bottom of the house back toward the fence. It was particularly stormy right after we got Tulley and the poor little pup was pushed about quite a bit when she was let out to go potty. She still isn’t fond of strong winds to this day, even though she has the weight behind her to stay on her feet and cut through the wind.

Since the last leaking incident, we’ve had the stucco company out to investigate. They thought they knew what the problem was and said they would need to remove some of the stucco on the backside of our house to fix the problem. That meant we would need to wait until the rain was over. Well a couple of weeks ago, they came out and did some work.

Cameron and I were both unaware that this was going to take place, so neither of us was home while they did the work. We came home to find things moved around in a backyard and a fine cement-like sand all over our patio and side yard. We could also see where they’d ripped into the house, thanks to the fresh underlayer of stucco drying in the sun. Not a pretty patch job and something that worried us, considering we were having a BBQ 10 days later to celebrate my 30th birthday and are having another gathering in June for London’s first birthday. Unfortunately, when we had people over Saturday for the Birthday BBQ, there was still a big gray spot where the house needs to be repainted from the repairs. Th stucco company said the earliest this will happen is May 13, as the stucco needed to cure for 3 weeks. Interesting, then that as I watch other homes around the neighborhood being built, that they are painted within a week of the stucco going up. We're in the mindset that they just don't want to make an extra trip out to paint, so our painting will coicide with several houses down the street's paint jobs as they look like they'll be ready for paint around that date - note that they are just about ready to be stuccoed and May 13 is 5 days away.

You’d think that would be the worst of our worries.


The same night the back of our house was ripped off and repaired, the electricity in our family room, and apparantly two electrical outlets and doorbell, went out. Cameron and I were just watching TV and eating dinner when it when out. The room is on a breaker with other rooms in the house, so a breaker didn’t flip. Had the back of our house not been ripped off earlier that day, we would have been quite confused, but given the timing, we jumped on the phone and called the emergency warranty number. They said they’d come check it out the next day.

The next morning they were out as promised and soon calling in an order to the electrician. This was a Friday, and the one before Easter. We finally heard from the electrician the following Tuesday night at 6:30 and they wouldn't be able to come until Thursday.

We'd moved our cable box into our bedroom and mainly lived in our bedroom for a week when the electrician made his appearance that Thursday. Turns out, the power outage wasn't the result of the back of our house being ripped off, after all! The elctrician told Cameron that we'd probbaly shut the front door too hard, as the electrical work, as he said, was shotty, or poorly done. It took him 30 minutes to find wear the wire had slipped from the main power source and put it back together. All was back to normal. Until Saturday, minutes before my birthday BBQ was to start!

Cameron had just come back from picking up ice and went do something in the familty room (probably turn on the TV) when he noticed the power was out again. He'd watched what the electrician had done previously, and did the exact same thing, but with no luck. We called the emergency warranty people again, who called the emergency electrician and left a message. He also instructed us to call the emergency electrician ourselves, but with the party in full swing that time, and not being home much at all yesterday, this just hasn't happened for us. Who knows when we'll have the power back on in the family room again now. Hopefully before London's party in a month.


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