May 16, 2011

First Steps

Getting Started with Daddy's Help

London has been between 2 weeks to a month ahead with developmental milestones since she was born. When she started crawling at 6 months and pulling herself into standing positions shortly afterward, we really expected her to start walking by 8 months.

Getting a closer look

This would be the first time she would be on-schedule as she didn’t start walking at this expected time. Not because she wasn’t ready, but because the little stinker knew she could get where she wanted to go much faster by crawling. You can just see it in her face when she looks at you, looks at what she wants, and starts jamming for it before you scoop her up.

Still not sure about it

When we got back from Cancun, and my doing loads and loads of laundry upon our return, it was inevitable I’d leave a laundry basket downstairs where London plays. One day she started to use the laundry basket to walk. Cameron and I decided that night to buy her a push & ride type toy so she would actually have a toy, not just a laundry basket, to learn these first steps.

First Crash

The next night at Babies R Us, London picked out a nice, pink, Disney princess-themed Ride Along. We worked with her a little to show her how to use it and she would when encouraged by us, but not when left on her own.

This toy has a nice resting spot built-in

That was until the evening of Tuesday, April 19th. While I was picking up the kitchen, I saw London pushing the ride along and walking on her own. Shortly after, as I was shooing Melody out the back door for snapping at London, she started to walk toward me. She took a good 4 or 5 steps before squatting back down to crawl. Cameron was right there, and with a little coaxing from the both of us, she took a few more steps.

Watch the progression!

I know everyone says that you always want your first to walk as soon as possible and then you regret it, but we are just so proud of our little girl. 10 months isn’t bad – that’s when I started to walk. Almost a month later, she's getting a pretty good grasp on this walking thing and has started to attempt running - away from us!

She’s also developed a curiosity in the stairs and can crawl up them without assistance. Not that we aren’t right there behind her in case, and she doesn’t get to do this very often as she rarely is given access to the stairs.

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