Apr 21, 2011

The Case of the Binky Snatcher

From London Yvonne

The Monday after we returned from Cancun (April 11), we ran into a daycare issue. Our neighbor, Lauren, who watches London every day, wasn’t able to watch her due to a doctor’s appointment. She and her husband share a car and he was working days that week, so she’d have to drive him to work, go to her appointment and leave at 3 PM to pick him up.

We’d forgotten all about this and never confirmed Cameron’s mom to cover. Now Vicki was booked to work that day. We made a few calls to friends we know that don’t work days or have in-home day cares. All were busy or booked. I ended up taking the day off, which was nice after being away from London for so long. Plus, I was able to catch up on laundry.

Luckily, my supervisor and the company I'm contracting with are really understanding about things like this – family comes first. Cameron and I decided maybe we needed to look into some alternative childcare solutions for instances like this – we can’t expect Lauren to always be available.

It was good timing any way, as we’ve been thinking we should get London into a daycare facility when she is 1 to be socialized with kids her age. After some online research and requests for information, we had a tour with a facility in Roseville the next Monday (April 18). I was already taking a half day that day for London’s doctor’s appointment, so instead I took the whole day off to do the tour and spend some more time with her.

The facility was very nice, as were the people working there. We have every confidence in them that London would be well taken care of, as well as safe. Right now, she’d still be in the infant room, so we spent most of our time in there, talking with the teachers. At one point they encouraged us to put London down to see how she’d do with the other babies.

She took off, making her way to each and every kid with a binky in their mouth. From there, she’d snatch it from them and put the binky in her mouth. We jokingly say she’s going to end up being a bit of a bully. And she definitely would give the teachers a run for their money with this behavior.

But while we loved the place, we’re not ready to be forking over so much money when she’s not going to get all that much out of it. Maybe in another year, we will revisit the idea, especially if I’m working full-time as an employee where I am currently. Once she is ready for the toddler or pre-school rooms, where she’d get more instruction, we can justify the cost. But for now, we’ll stick solely with Lauren and our backups and if they aren’t available, I guess I’ll just have to stay home with my little girl for a day. It’s not like I miss our time together or anything now that I work full time.

Plus, we learned the consequences of having London around other babies, binky snatching and germs. She came down with a nasty cold later that week, which caused an ear infection and goopy eyes. Only just now is her runny nose getting better, but a new tooth we discovered Monday is keeping her somewhat congested.

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