Apr 21, 2011

Cancun – Part 4: Scuba Diving, Spa Treatments and Goodbye

For our last full day in Cancun we had signed up for a two-hour scuba lesson, the first hour taking place in the pool and the second out on the reef. Both Cameron and Aaron are certified but they wanted to be there for Nicole and I in hopes we’d both love it and want to get certified.

Nicole took to it great and probably will get certified. But the one hour lesson in the pool was not long enough for me and scuba diving overall is probably not for me. Lack of fresh air makes me anxious and claustrophobic. I had a mild anxiety attack in the pool. Maybe I’ll try snorkeling next time, as Cameron had his snorkel with him in the pool and I could handle that fine, knowing at any moment I could lift my head up for fresh air.

So I sent the three of them on the boat out to the reef while I made a beeline for the spa. On my way an Iguana caught me of guard and got a “Sweet Jesus” out of me in fright. Not that I shouldn’t have expected it – the place was crawling with the large lizards.

The next available time for a massage was at 2:30. A little late given the three would be back probably about that time, but they’d probably be hungry and want to eat, so I took it. I was instructed to be back at the spa in my swimsuit at 1:30. I headed back to our room to grab my April issue of Martha Stewart and then went for lunch at the buffet.

There the waitress asked what I’d like to drink as I put my things down at the table and headed for the food. I requested a glass of champagne. When I came back I was surprised to have two glasses of champagne. She hadn’t realized I was alone, but didn’t take the second glass back either. Good, as I needed the second one to help continue to calm myself down from the morning’s activities. After a nice leisurely lunch and some good Martha reading, I was ready for the spa.

After receiving the key to my locker and putting my things away, I was sent through the “Marina” circuit. Amazing! First I sat on a bench in a pool and had jets massage my lower back. Then I laid on a reclined bench and had jets massage my whole backside. From there I stood and had jets work on my legs and the one after that focused on my shoulders and neck. Next, I walked back and forth between three different leveled jets for more leg stimulation and ended with a jet focusing on my upper back. That was the first half of the circuit.

The next half involved me walking in and out of a series of four small pools, alternating warm and cold water. These pools were big enough for me to take two steps in and went up to just below my knees. Then I was seated in a steam room. This was a little tough for me, given the stuffy, steamy air, the heat and the small quarters, especially after my morning experience, but I survived the whole five minutes or so that it was.

From there I was instructed to walk into a cold pool and completely submerge myself before exiting. This one definitely took my breath away, but luckily it was immediately followed up by a warm pool to submerge in. Now it was time to sit in the sauna. I did better in the sauna as it wasn’t as hot in there. Then again through the full submerge cold and hot pools, before the circuit ended with me lying on a recliner made of stone with a cool rag over my eyes, smelling of plumeria while a nice lady massaged my head and focused on pressure points.

Finally, it was time for me massage, which was wonderful. While I was waiting for my masseuse, someone came and laid a warm, cinnamon-smelling bean bag around my neck and had me wait in a quiet, curtain-lined room. The whole place smelled like lemon grass by the way.

As I was walking back to the room, I ran into Cameron, Nicole and Aaron who were just coming back from lunch. They’d all had a great time, seeing little Dories, but no Nemos. They also saw a sea turtle, which made me a bit sad that I wasn’t able to go with them, but I know my boundaries and limits too. They were all ready for a nap, and Cameron was a bit sea sick from the small boat, so I headed for the beach to relax and read. Nicole and Moe weren’t quite ready for dinner when I was, so Cameron went with me to the Tapas Bar. The food was delicious but we hadn’t ordered enough and the smell of the Mexican food outside was enticing. There we found Nicole and Moe and had our second dinner, while socializing with a few of the other guests partaking in this Manager-hosted dinner. That evening’s entertainment showcased the Mexican culture with dancers, a mariachi band and some lasso tricks. We were all pretty tuckered out by then and knew that we’d be packing in the morning and leaving paradise.

We were sad the next morning as we packed, but we did have a little more time to walk along the beach and search for shells and pieces of washed up coral. We then grabbed a few last pińa coladas, mojíitos and margaritas and sat poolside before we squished into a cab and headed home.

We almost missed our flight from Houston to Sacramento thanks to unplanned customs needs. With three flights coming in from International locations, there were nine agents to service the 100 or so visitors and only four agents for the 600 US Citizens returning home. After a mad dash to recheck our baggage and to get to our gate, we made it.

London was kind enough to wake up just was we were going to bed so we could say hi. Having her back in my arms, I was happy to be home with her. And crazy me, I was up and out of the house by 6:45 AM Sunday morning to join Kim, Christina, Lynde and Alyssa for the Zoo Zoom 5K. Good thing my parents will be back out for London’s upcoming 1st birthday so I can actually spend some time with them.

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