Mar 17, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry for our silence. We're all getting over a few health issues in this household which has let everything go - writing, house, dishes. Hell we'd have stacks of dirty bottles lined up at the kitchen sink if we didn't keep running out.

A couple of Saturdays ago, London woke up at 4:30 AM for a bottle. Nothing out of the ordinary. But when I picked her up, she was burning up. She drank the bottle down and then we went downstairs to find Cameron. He was sleeping on the couch due to a constant cough - he didn't want to keep me nor wake London up. We managed to take London's temperature, which was 102. We take it under her arm which means her fever was even higher. With no baby Tylenol in the house, nor any idea what dosage we would be giving her if we did, we headed for the ER. By 7 AM we had been discharged with a diagnosis: a flu-like virus and a 102.7 fever. Off to Safeway we headed to get Baby Tylenol now that we had dosage recommendations.

London's fever began to break by Monday. That's when mine began. All the while Cameron was coughing. We've all recovered, Cameron having been diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma and being prescribed several steroids and inhalers. Somehow I ended up with a nagging cough as a result of the flu, making sleep difficult (I've spent a few nights on the couch myself lately), but London is back to her chipper, busy self.

Definitely have a few posts I need to get up here, including what Cameron and I did for Valentine's Day dinner, but I'll save that for another day, soon (I promise).


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