Feb 19, 2011

London's Stats

London is now 8 months old! I only have four months to plan her 1st Birthday party. Don't worry, I've been thinking about it for a good month already and have ideas simmering.

On Valentine's Day, London had her 8-month checkup. She did great, and only had to get one shot this visit. Here are her current stats:

Weight: 17 lbs, 3 oz, 40-45 percentile
Height: 29 inches, 96 percentile
Head Circumference: 17 inches, 35-40 percentile

So good news is London has gained some healthy weight, and her head isn't considered so small. The weight increase may be credible to the fact that London has finally decided she likes solid foods and is eating at least a small carton at dinner, 1/2 of a large sized carton.

For Valentine's Day, I got London the little "Love Bug" that Hallmark was advertising for the holiday. A Love Bug for my Love Bug. I actually call her Bug often, so it was a fitting gift. For future Valentine's Day, I'll use the Love Bug to give her presents and cards.


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