Feb 11, 2011


There's a lot of adjustments being made in the Cenedella household these days. I'm adjusting to going back to work. After being off for almost an entire year, getting up at 6 AM 3 days a week is tiring. Cameron's also having to adjust to this as I can't not wake him when I get up, even though after my shower I get ready in the closet or downstairs bathroom.

Because of my working, London is adjusting to not having me around 24/7. At first, she seemed to be doing well. She loves our neighbor Lauren and did well for a couple hours at a time while I was interviewing. This last week she was pretty ornery according to Lauren. We all think its the adjustment, plus with the new schedule, we're making London get up earlier. And to bed earlier. She's now going to bed between 7 and 7:30. Which means we don't get to see much of her during the week. Another adjustment.

Cameron's also adjusting to not having the both of us in the house all the time. Sometimes, he walks down to see London when he needs a break and a smile.

The last major adjustment from all of this is Cameron and I are now headed to bed early on nights I work. Gosh, do we feel old when we are in bed by 9:30!

London's got her 8th month checkup on Valentine's Day, so stay tuned for her latest stats.


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